Terres D'Afrique

Terres D'Afrique logoTerres D’Afrique is a certified organic and fair trade brand, belonging to the Southern African Natural Products Trade Association. Ethically sourced rare African botanicals make up for much of the brand’s elements. Terres D’Afrique, which translates to “earth of Africa”, and is a luxury unisex skincare brand with a special focus on both science and nature. Founder, Dr. Stephan Helary was born and raised in Madagascar, where he initially found his passion for agriculture, botany, conservation and ecology. Terres D’Afrique focuses on ethical biotrad, benefitting the sharing with harvesters, respect for their intellectual property, and a commitment to preserving the biodiversity of ecosystems where we source ingredients. The brand is also passionate about protecting ecosystems by harvesting practices that honor and protect natural ecosystems to ensure a future for these indigenous plants and the communities that live among them.

Learn more about the producers of Terres' D'Afrique products here and here.

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