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How LUXE Botanics’ Jene Roestorf Makes the Beauty World a Better Place

When I began assembling Beautyologie late last year, reaching out to fair trade, ethical and sustainable beauty brands to share my mission and gauge their interest for joining the platform, I didn’t consider how many extraordinary people I would become connected to around the world. Jene Roestorf, founder of LUXE Botanics is one of these women. Born […]

The Queen of Fair-Trade Skincare

Back in 2003 before “indie beauty” or “fair-trade” were the trendy terms they are now, Rahama Wright went to Africa with the Peace Corps where she was first introduced to the magical ingredient of Shea butter. When I started my beauty public relations company 15 years ago, I basically hit the lottery with one of […]

Margo Marrone’s The Organic Pharmacy

It wasn’t enough for clean skincare pioneer and pharmacist Margo Marrone to co-found one of the most successful wellness dispensary chains in London. Or to formulate a certified-organic line of beauty products that is so sought after, it can be procured everywhere from Anthropologie in Beverly Hills to Galeries Lafayette in Doha. Over the last […]

Luxie Beauty’s Main Man, Conor Riley

Log onto Luxie Beauty’s Instagram page and you’ll immediately get swept into the endless stream of artistically styled makeup brush photography showcasing beautiful pink handles, gleaming rose gold ferrules and feather soft bristles. The interspersed shots and video tutorials of beauty influencers demonstrating their artistic self-expression twirling Luxie brushes in their hands can hypnotically make […]

New York’s Hottest Club is Caravan’s Virtual Social Club

Pre-covid, The Caravan Stylist Studio in New York City was a bustling one-stop shop for wardrobe, hair and makeup services for actresses, influencers and musicians. Actors from shows like Orange is the New Black, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Affair, Blacklist and Jane the Virgin all frequented the studio. It also served as the perfect location for […]

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