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Ready Set Jet: A “Beauty with Purpose” Brand that Brings New Meaning to the Word Multitasking

It’s pretty evident the world doesn’t need another beauty brand. Just browsing the overflowing kaleidoscopic shelves of Sephora or maneuvering through Ulta’s maze-like website of lotions, potions, balms, glosses, and more is enough to short circuit even the most beauty literate. However, when there’s a social impact behind the birth of a brand that demonstrates […]

The Ethical, Sustainable and Transparent New Beauty Brand, Overt Skincare

According to, Americans give around $400 billion in charity each year, simultaneously spending $130 trillion on everyday items. That’s almost three times as much money on stuff, much of it likely going to the profit-driven brands of big corporations that aren’t directly involved in helping the world become a better place to live. Could […]

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