• Granate - Pomegranate Seed Oil

    Katari's luxurious pomegranate seed oil revives dry skin and helps fight skin aging caused by free radicals. It repairs environmental damage while restoring your skin to it's natural pH levels. Granate smells and feels amazing on the skin and absorbs very quickly leaving a little cloud of fragrant scent. What is Granate? Katari Granate [gruh-nut] is cold-pressed from dried seeds of sumptuous pomegranates grown on small farms in Egypt’s Delta of the Nile. These farms have used sustainable irrigation and growing practices since the time of the Pharaohs. Why use Granate? Pomegranate Seed Oil is a potent source of stable and pure Vitamin C. The powerful antioxidants nourish and protect your skin from environmental damage. Granate may also be used to repair and strengthen your hair. It is safe for daily use. natural source of Vitamin C to fight free radicals that cause premature skin aging replenishes skin with minerals and boosts collagen production, reduces appearance of wrinkles and helps lighten scars balances out pH of the skin to keep skin clear & blemish-free natural antioxidant to calm skin inflammation protects hair from environmental damage and adds shine (smooth a few drops over wet hair before drying it)  

  • Serenity Balancing Blue Tansy Facial Oil

    Bring peace and harmony to your mind, skin, and body with aYR Skin Care's serene blend of essential oils and blue tansy, all without a greasy appearance or oily residue. In skin care, blue tansy’s antibacterial and astringent properties work to help unblock your pores and help balance your skin’s natural oils, resulting in a vibrant, renewed glow. How It Works -  Serenity’s gorgeous ocean-green hue and uplifting aromas offer a mystical vibe: with hints of vanilla, bergamot, frankincense, blue tansy, and helichrysum. This Blue Tansy Facial Oil is rich in vitamins A, K, and E, helping smooth your skin’s texture and support its natural elasticity. A blend of Fair Trade oils (moringa, baobab), and organic oils like sustainable prickly pear, infuse the skin with moisture, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. How It Helps The World  – Serenity is crafted with Fair Trade ingredients from Senegal and Kenya. This 100% Virgin organic oil is wild-harvested and cold-pressed to preserve all natural properties. In both cooperatives, female farmers and employees are in the majority, and certified social responsibility practices are documented from the start of the harvest through the end of production. Profits earned from both organizations are returned to the community through tree planting, health clinics, and girls' education opportunities.  

  • Turmeric & Vanilla Sunscreen

    Reef-safe, water and sweat resistant. Tierra & Lava's natural sunscreen is simply 8 nurturing botanicals and 2 minerals that protect skin. Blends easily resulting in long-lasting hydration and making it an excellent option as both a sunscreen and 'after sun' product. Tierra & Lava's primary mineral (Zinc Oxide) is considered nonallergenic and non-comedogenic. Mineral sunscreen is less likely to irritate sensitive skin since ingredients aren’t absorbed into the skin itself. This cream sits on top of your skin becoming a physical barrier to the sun’s ray and starts protecting your skin immediately after application. Tierra & Lava's sunscreen has been extensively tested, it is gentle and safe on all skin types including children, athletes and outdoor adventurers playing under the sun. Guatemalan Sourced Ingredients Made with a combination of Macadamia Oil from a neighboring farm, Cocoa Butter from an organic farm in Izabal, raw sustainably harvested Golden Beeswax from San Cristobal el Alto and cold pressed Coconut Oil from the Rio Dulce region infused with fresh French Marigold petals from our organic garden help your skin retain moisture and protect against the elements. Tierra & Lava's fresh organic Turmeric contains potent anti-carcinogenic compounds and antioxidants and a touch of Vanilla containing Vitamin B adds an uplifting scent. The packaging is a reusable and recyclable plastic-free metal tin. What is Broad Spectrum? The FDA recommends using “Broad Spectrum” sunscreen so you will be protected from the two types of light that can harm your skin and cause cells to mutate into cancer: ultraviolet-A (UVA) rays can prematurely age skin, cause wrinkles and age spots, and ultraviolet-B (UVB) rays cause sunburn and skin inflammation. Broad spectrum offers more protection that a higher SPF since SPF currently only measures UVB, and very high SPFs decrease UVA protection. This SPF 15 will protect you from 93% of UVB rays, and although UVA rays are currently not rated, our mineral based broad spectrum sunscreen offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  

  • Microbiome Mist

    The microbiome mist helps nourish the skin barrier and support natural microbiome balance with wild plant polyphenols, hydrating prebiotics and postbiotic peptides. This innovative formula includes powerful antioxidants for improved  skin resilience, supports acne prone skin, helps to minimize photo aging from blue light, UV exposure and the effects of pollution. The microbiome mist promotes a healthy microbiome similar to that of our ancestors living in closer contact with nature.  

  • Restore Replenishing Night Cream

    Restore deeply moisturizes dry, sensitive and mature skin, builds collagen, minimizes wrinkles, and lightens the appearance of age spots, offering 72 hours of hydration. What It Does - Restore deeply moisturizes dry, sensitive and mature skin, builds collagen, minimizes wrinkles, and helps lighten the appearance of age spots, offering 72 hours of hydration. How it Works -  Restore Night Cream For Sensitive Skin harnesses the power of eight peptides, a deep moisture well, and the most stable form of vitamin C to help lock moisture into your skin. Natural humectants and Fair Trade, vegan ingredients to help wrap your skin in moisture.  

  • Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum

    Awaken Eye Serum’s powerful blend of peptides replenish your skin’s hyaluronate, revealing smooth skin, diminishing wrinkles, and relieving dark circles and/or puffiness. How It Works - Hyaluronic acid, blended with rich marine algae and Omega-3, allows this hydrating eye serum to “wake up” fragile areas around your eyes for a firm, hydrated look and feel, harnessing the power of natural probiotics, green tea, cucumber, pomegranate, and antioxidant-rich caffeine.  

  • Bakuchiol Nava Age-Defying Face Gel Moisturizer

    Known in Ayurveda as the "Miracle Elixir" - Bakuchiol is the best-kept secret of beauty in Ayurveda. This Ancient, timeless Himalayan plant is loaded with powerful youth-preserving botanicals which leave the skin flawless and smooth. Legend has tales of the Queens sourcing this ingredient from the Himalayan valley to create a magic potion for their beauty rituals.Bakuchiol is its star-active ingredient, 100% natural retinol alternative suitable for sensitive & acne prone-skin. After a month of use of this beautiful & light gel, wrinkles and expression lines are noticeably blurred, returning a fresh and youthful appearance to the face and redefining the facial oval. Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel is a breakthrough alternative to harsh retinols. Formulated with the highest quality 99% pure Himalayan Bakuchiol. This natural retinol alternative has potent skin rejuvenating properties, thereby reducing the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs helps to fight skin stressors and also soothes and comfort the stressed-skin. This gel is laden with antioxidant botanicals that help the skin fight blue light & UV damage caused by digital devices (smartphones, laptops etc.) and other environmental stressors.  

  • Aurora Radiance Discovery Kit

    Revive your natural glow with our Aurora Radiance Discovery Kit. Perfect for lackluster and environmentally damaged skin, this kit features an introduction to our reparative, Vitamin C rich, CAMU Brightening and replenishing MARULA Hydrating lines. Overflowing with active antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this hyper-targeted selection is scientifically formulated to botanically revive your dull and depleted complexion, leaving skin invigorated and vibrant. MARULA Hydrating Pre Cleanser and Camu Brightening Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and soothes, while replenishing the natural oils your skin requires. CAMU Brightening Mist intensely hydrates and nourishes to replenish skin's appearance. Bursting with Vitamin C, CAMU Brightening Serum fuels cellular energy to fade the appearance of dark spots and even out skin tone. For lackluster skin THIS KIT INCLUDES: 15ml | 0.51oz Marula Hydrating Pre Cleanser 15ml | 0.51oz Camu Brightening Cleanser 15ml | 0.51oz Camu Brightening Mist 5ml   | 0.17oz Camu Brightening Serum 7ml   | 0.34oz Camu Brightening Moisturiser 1 Custom LUXE Botanics Aluminium Tin 1 Organic Cotton and Bamboo hand sewn muslin cloth LUXE Botanics features rare and transformational botanicals that have been globally sourced and sustainably harvested to ensure their highest nutrient and antioxidant potency, while supporting local communities and safeguarding the environment. Each botanical has been selected for its purity, scientific performance and clinical efficacy to target specific concerns, balance and protect the skin.

  • Camu Brightening Moisturizer

    Revitalize skin’s natural luminosity with this buttery soft moisturising cream infused with vitamin C rich Camu Camu. Potent concentrations of this Amazonian superfruit supports cellular energy to fade the appearance of dark spots, repair the look and feel of environmental damage and reveal a vibrant, glowing complexion. Skin Type: Ideal for dull, sun damaged or lacklustre skin. Transformative Botanicals, Targeted Results:  Naturally high levels of vitamin C fuel cellular energy helping to fade the appearance of dark spots and even out skin tone Diminishes the look and feel of imperfections and irritations caused by environmental stress Packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it deeply replenishes and maintains balanced moisture for a luminous glow   Where LUXE Botanics Sources Their Camu: Revered as a longevity elixir by native Amazonian Indians, this highly nutritious berry is considered the new superfruit, delivering more antioxidants in a single serving than its South American sister, acai. Their USDA certified organic Camu Camu comes from the fertile soils of the Brazilian amazon where it is organically grown and hand-picked by local farmhands in Brazil.  

  • Argil Mediterranean Green Clay Facial Masque

    Great for any skin type and wonderful for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. HOW TO USE: Argil green clay can be used daily as a spot treatment on blemishes, breakouts and blackheads / whiteheads to draw them out and purify pores. And it can be used 1-2 times a week as a complete facial masque.

  • Katari-Rose-Hip-Oil Katari-Rose-Hip-Oil-1
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    Rosehip Oil

    Suitable for all skin types. A perfect vegan replacement to retinoids. It reduces dark spots and skin dryness, improve appearance of scars, smooths fine wrinkles, and is a great anti-aging oil. Katari rosehip oil is freshly cold-pressed from the buds and dried petals, not just the fruit and the seeds of the rose plant. Rosehip oil is a long-standing staple in aromatherapy, therapy, and beauty. It is packed with vitamins (A, C, and F), antioxidants, and essential fatty acids and prized for its ability to transform dull, acne-prone, and aging skin. 100% pure, cold-pressed rosehip oil, pressed from the dried buds of the rosehip plant. It is not pressed from the berries (orangish-looking fruit) but from the actual dried flowers, petals, and the fruit. Uncover the radiance of Mediterranean rose on your skin. Rosehip oil comes from a plant that has the highest vibrational energy of all plants and throughout history has been the symbol of love itself. Rosehip Oil rejuvenating properties will help smooth fine lines and help fade discolorations and sun spots. A powerhouse of Vitamins A and C, Rosehip oil is perfect for mature skin and it helps brighten the skin tone and cellular turnover. Katari Rosehip is cold-pressed from dried petals and fruit of the rose bush grown on small farms in Egypt’s Delta of the Nile. These farms have used sustainable irrigation and growing practices since the time of the Pharaohs.  

  • Garden Glow Herbal Radiance Serum

    Product: Illuminating Vitamin C powerhouse Passion Fruit Seed Oil, blended with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging Copaiba Balsam with cleansing herbal essential oils for a high performing, refreshing daily face serum. Profile: Garden Glow Herbal Radiance Serum is specially formulated to provide a healthy natural glow for all skin types. Aroma: fresh, herbal Component Benefits: Organic Passion Fruit Seed Oil: Vitamin C rich, Omega 6 rich, great moisturizer for all skin types including sensitive and oily Wild Copaiba Balsam: A powerful natural anti-inflammatory (reduces blemishes and redness), anti-aging Rosemary: stimulates circulation for healthier skin Peruvian Myrtle: cleansing and purifying Oregano: anti-bacterial German Chamomile: soothing anti-inflammatory Supports Amazon Reforestation and Communities: Beyond the inherent protection and income our value chains provide the forest and communities in the Amazon, we also transfer $1 from every Arbor Mundi product sold to our non-profit Association Bosqueros Peru in the Amazon to fund reforestation and capacity building in non-timber forest products.