Virgin Marula Oil
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South Africa

With quick absorption and with no “oily” or “greasy” residue, marula oil balances the natural oil production of your skin.

How It Works -This luxuriously light and moisturizing oil improves the texture and elasticity of your skin. With quick absorption and with no “oily” or “greasy” residue, marula oil balances the natural oil production of your skin. The marula tree has survived drought because it is able to produce an incredible barrier to the elements. In such a way, the oil helps protect your skin from damage from free radicals.

How It Helps The World - This Fair Trade marula oil is wild harvested as it has been for thousands of years in Africa. Your purchase of this Fair Trade product assures fair pay and safe working conditions for the women in the coop where aYR Skin Care buys it. They are able to send their children to school, including females that would never go otherwise. Proceeds also help the village and support women who are injured or too old to work. Families learn the value of education, and in passing it on to the next generation.


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sclerocarya birrea (marula) seed oil*, tocopherol (vitamin E) *organic and Fair Trade

Add a touch of luxury to your entire beauty routine with virgin marula oil! This versatile oil can be applied with small drops to hydrate and renew your face, cuticles, and hair.
aYR Skin Care is an innovative and complex skincare collection made from consciously sourced ingredients and lovingly prepared in small batches. Inspired by founder Kirsten Thomas’s quest for cruelty-free skin care products that did not irritate her sensitive skin and that met her high ethical standards, aYR Skin Care is purely focused on clean, vegan, and effective skin care formulations that support beauty at any age. Some all-natural products from other clean skin care brands might feel thin and watery. At AYR Skin Care, they’ve developed proprietary silicone replacements that nourish your skin with luxury that doesn’t compromise. Their products are a cultivation of everything they believe about self-care and ethical, Fair Trade practices. aYR Skin Care's hope is not just to make a difference for your skin, but help make a difference for the world.
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