Meet Marula producer Khelina from Terres D’Afrique

Turning Marula nuts into oil has changed the lives of many families in Africa. Khelina is a Marula harvester in Swaziland. Click to see her story.

Indigenous to Southern Africa and traditionally used by Swazi and Ovambo people, Marula oil softens, moisturizes, firms, improves skin texture, restores the lipid barrier, regenerates and restructures cell walls, reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

As with all Terres D’Afrique products, most of their ingredients have been used for generations by people who understand them most deeply and inhabit the ecosystems where they naturally grow. Terres D’Afrique honors their remedies and looks to them as teachers and stewards of these natural gifts. 

Founded by botanist Dr. Stephan Helary, modern botany and the latest research in skin health science is used to maximize the effects of these uniquely powerful, uniquely African ingredients. All ingredients are expertly and sustainably harvested from wild plants and formulated into products that honor their natural potency. Everything Terres D’ Afrique offers is entirely plant-based and the majority of their products are certified organic.

Terres D'Afrique Products

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