Coconut Candy Scrub


This deeply exfoliating and luxurious organic body scrub made with cane sugar provides exceptional results and compatibility with the most challenged skin.

Offering all the legendary benefits to skin from coconut oil, you will feel transported to a tropical island with the heavenly fragrance of virgin coconut and cocoa bean butter. This decadent scrub gently stimulates skin cell renewal while polishing your skin and leaving it silky smooth and sweetly scented.


  • Exfoliating poppy seeds
  • Smoothing and renewing Fair-trade sugar cane (rich in glycolic acid)
  • Moisturizing virgin coconut (rich in lauric acid)
  • Hydrating cocoa bean butter
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Formulated with Fair-trade sugar from Paraguay, coconut oil, cocoa butter and poppy seeds, you will love massaging this body scrub onto your skin as it moisturizes and exfoliates at the same time.

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Odylique logoOdylique is big on doing the planet as many favors as they can. As such, they make sure that their raw materials suppliers and all of their distributors follow the no-testing-on-animals rule, and they go out of their way to adhere to Fair Trade standards and use responsible, sustainable packaging. Based in the U.K., Odylique is one of the first companies to create certified organic cosmetics and formulate the purest cosmetics possible. Each and every one of their ingredients has therapeutic credentials. There are a few ways in which Odylique makes this happen:
  • By using actives – herbs and essential oils – in therapeutic concentrations.
  • Plant oils must be virgin and cold-pressed so that they have their full antioxidant vitamin-content intact (this more actively nourishes the skin and protects it from premature ageing).
  • They don’t do synthetic chemicals. Ever.
  • Everything is certified to strict Soil Association organic standards (those guys are strict, trust us)
  • They leave out lanolin, wheat, dairy & soya derivatives, salicylic acid, peanut oil, common allergen tree nut oils and more...all the things that can upset sensitive skin.
  • They NEVER test on animals. Instead, we test on human volunteers who have sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
Learn more about the story behind Odylique here. Return Policy


Sucrose* Δ, Cocos nucifera oil*, Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Glycerine**, Theobroma cacao seed butter* Δ, Cocos nucifera fruit*, Sucrose laurate, Aqua, Papaver somniferum seed*, Myrtus communis leaf oil*

*Organically grown & produced (98.8%) **Organic origin (total 98.8%)   Δ certified Fairtrade suppliers

How To Use

Massage onto damp skin in the shower or bath and massage in small circular upward movements, enjoy the tropical scent of coconut, and rinse away.

For extra exfoliation, apply to dry skin (this is particulalry good for the feet and elbows).

7 reviews for Coconut Candy Scrub

  1. Amanda

    This is such a wonderful product and it tastes delicious! I use it as a face exfoliator as well as a body scrub. I have never been one for body exfoliation but I’m addicted to this product! I love the way it makes my skin tingle. Who’d have thought that body exfoliation could be such a treat!

  2. Kathleen

    This was gorgeous to use, left my skin really smooth and soft. will definitely use again

  3. Emily

    lovely sugar scrub, I have used it on my face as well as body.

  4. Elle

    This is absolutely dreamy to use. Smells delicious and has a lovely texture – firm but gentle. Leaves skin feeling so clean and also very smooth. I use it as a facial cleanser daily and now and then on my legs and arms. It is expensive but a big tub lasts a very long time as a little goes a long way. A treat to use

  5. Julie

    I have eczema and don’t usually use exfoliators because they are too rough but I thought I would try this. I was really pleased – the scrub was very gentle and left my skin feeling wonderfully soft and gorgeously fragranced!

  6. Ludmila

    Great scrub for extra polished and clean skin. I love that the scrub is organic and natural and smells divine. I use it on my face as well as elbows and other areas where skin needs a little extra attention.

  7. Karen

    I’m going to buy a full size of this, it’s fabulous! The fragrance is incredible & it’s so gentle but effective. Not scratchy at all, in fact I’ve actually used this as a lip scrub too as I suffer from dry lips , despite using a lip balm ( particularly in winter months), & it left them wonderfully soft! (& tasted good too!) I also risked using it on my face ( ssshhh!) by massaging it in very gently, not as I would on my body. I highly recommend this, it’s gorgeous & effective.

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