Desert Bloom Discovery Kit


Like the desert after rain, restore life to your dry skin with our hydrating Desert Bloom Discovery Kit. Featuring an introduction to our reparative, vitamin C rich, CAMU Brightening and replenishing MARULA Hydrating lines, this exquisite kit is overflowing with active antioxidants, vitamins and minerals scientifically formulated to botanically transform your complexion from dry and dehydrated to rejuvenated and nourished. 

For Dry Skin


  • 15ml | 0.51oz Marula Hydrating Pre Cleanser
  • 15ml | 0.51oz Camu Brightening Cleanser
  • 15ml | 0.51oz Camu Brightening Mist
  • 5ml   | 0.17oz Marula Hydrating Serum
  • 7ml   | 0.34oz Camu Brightening Moisturiser 
  • 1 Custom LUXE Botanics Aluminium Tin
  • 1 Organic Cotton and Bamboo hand sewn muslin cloth


  • MARULA Hydrating Pre Cleanser and Camu Brightening Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and soothes, while replenishing the natural oils your skin requires.
  • CAMU Brightening Mist intensely hydrates and nourishes to replenish skin’s appearance.
  • MARULA Hydrating Serum infuses hydrating essential fatty acids and antioxidants for a plump, radiant complexion.
  • Deeply replenishing, CAMU Brightening Moisturiser maintains balanced moisture for a luminous glow.

LUXE Botanics features rare and transformational botanicals that have been globally sourced and sustainably harvested to ensure their highest nutrient and antioxidant potency, while supporting local communities and safeguarding the environment. Each botanical has been selected for its purity, scientific performance and clinical efficacy to target specific concerns, balance and protect the skin.

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LUXE Botanics

Founded by Jené Roestorf, a South African biological scientist and global ingredient hunter, LUXE Botanics is a range of potent, high performance skincare formulated with the planet’s most transformative botanicals. Jené’s deep comprehension of nature’s healing abilities guides her philosophy of allowing nature to nurture. After a decade working on international clinical trials, Jené blends her African roots, scientific proficiency and passion for socially conscious innovation to uncover the untapped benefits of botanical oils and explore the outer reaches of green chemistry. From this place of passion, LUXE Botanics was born. LUXE Botanics is a targeted skincare line that features Global Botanical oils whose molecular structure mimics, balances and protects our skin. Scientifically researched, Marula nut oil from Kenya, Camu Camu berry extract from Brazil, and Kigelia africana fruit extract from Malawi deliver antioxidant protection, prevent trans epidermal water loss and provide antibacterial benefit. Only the highest grade, nutrient dense, organic and wild harvested oils are sourced through fair-trade alliances to support local communities while safeguarding the environment. LUXE Botanics is formulated to precision with high concentrations of unique Global Botanicals, which are enhanced by sustainable, true-to-nature ingredients. The culmination is an intelligent curation of exclusive formulas that deeply nourish and care for skin while instilling wellness as part of a daily beauty ritual. Return Policy.


please see individual product pages for full ingredients.

How To Use

Gently massage 3-4 pumps of Marula Hydrating Pre Cleanser into dry skin, rinse, and follow with 2-3 pumps of the Camu Brightening Cleanser. Lightly spritz with Camu Brightening Mist to prime before softly pressing 2-3 drops of the Marula Hydrating Serum into the skin before sealing with the Camu Brightening Moisturiser. For optimum results repeat morning and night.

3 reviews for Desert Bloom Discovery Kit

  1. Allyson J.

    Great value & great products – enabled me to try out a variety of Luxe Botanics’ products. The Marula oil in particular is great given I live in a desert climate!

  2. Trish I.

    Just want to say how much I love these products! I have been using Luxe Botanics Camu Range with some Marula Precleanser and Serum thrown into the mix for more than 2 years, and couldn’t be happier with the way my skin feels. Being 67, with mature, drying and sensitive skin, I wasn’t expecting to find products that would make such a difference to the way my skin feels. In fact, using these products has become a twice daily routine for my skin. So much so that whenever I travel I always take the products with me. But now, that task has suddenly been simplified- Desert Bloom Discovery Box makes this so easy with compact, refillable containers packed in a durable tin for safe travel. Thank you so much Luxe Botanics – I had been hoping for this travel pack!

  3. Toni

    At $75, I was initially a little skeptical, although I absolutely love the LUXE Botanics line, but when I received it, I was pleasantly surprised! The entire experience is beautiful! Everything is lovingly packaged and put together. It really is a wonderful way to discover the line and to share as a special gift! I also love that there are are 4 different options, including one that you can personalise. I got the Desert Bloom for someone with dry skin and customized another one, the self-discovery kit, for someone with combination skin. They both loved it!

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