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Aroha Oils Rose Water – Dhund is a sweet fusion of handpicked roses from Kannauj, and almost 20,000 to 25,000 roses are used to make 1 liter of this pure rosewater.

Since the 14th century, the Indian queens had rose gardens in their palaces, as they knew this alluring bloom to have extraordinarily miraculous properties which they could use for their beauty and bath rituals. It is the essence of a 5,000-year-old ancestral wisdom that Aroha Oils uses to handpick, steam, distill, and bottle this essence.

Dhund is a pure distilled rosewater that comes from the most coveted variety of the Indian rose, which blooms only for a few months in the early winter and late spring. The highly scented, fresh & seasonal crop of the most exotic, alluring deep pink Roses are hand-picked and steam distilled to extract fragrant moisture-laden water to rejuvenate, refresh and rehydrate the skin.


  • Enlarged pores
  • Imbalance of pH balance
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Imbalance of natural oils

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Dhund is rose petals steeped in purified water — in other words, a concentrated bouquet. Rose water has a wealth of benefits, from naturally removing impurities to temporarily tightening the appearance of skin — and it’s excellent for a range of different skin types.

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Aroha Oils

Aroha Oils logoAroha Oils is clean, pure and potent skincare sourced directly from the Himalayas. They believe in a farm to bottle philosophy and a transparent supply chain. Seventy percent of their ingredients are farmed and processed by the brave women in northern India. They strongly believe in fair trade practices and pay 25-35% higher prices for their work as they want to see a palpable change in the life of these women and their children. Aroha Oils has its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Their experts combine the ancient beauty ritual with a stylish, modern aesthetic for a more relevant emphasis on potency, efficacy and sensory experience. All Aroha Oils products are made in small batches ensuring a high concentration of herbs and the attention needed to make these luxury oils which are 100% food-grade, natural and free from any fragrance, preservatives, parabens, synthetic chemicals, and other fillers. Their 5 Core Ethos: Ecological, Ethical, Slow Skincare, Safety and Social Responsibility Refund Policy


100% Steam Distilled Rose water*



How To Use

After cleansing the face and body, mist onto the face, neck, and body as needed. Use on the go to replenish and hydrate your skin or use instead of toner as part of your beauty regime.

3 reviews for Dhund – Rose Hydrating Face Toner

  1. Mayur

    Very refreshing…mild aroma of roses…makes skin very rejuvenated ….must try..

  2. Julias

    I recently brought this item from Aroha Oils and I am just loving it. I have very bad skin with acne, open pores, few patches, and all that cause skin to look so dull. Someone suggest me to use high quality rose water (without alcohol) to use it as a toner. I had previously used Aroha products and was so happy with their Sama balm, so tried their rose water, and just after 2 days of use, It did wonders on my skin. After trying all kinds of medicines, I was fed up to do anything for my skin. But this rose water is really amazing that shows results on my skin. I used it every 5/6 hours, just misting my face with the rose water. Pores on my nose are closed without clogging it and feel really fresh. This brand product is something that is just so pure and authentic, I am now going to try most of their products. 🙂

  3. Kate

    I wondered why is it priced like this when the others are perhaps 1/5th the price. But I had to try it once to know it. I dare say this is at least 10 times better than most so-called “rose waters” available in the market. It has made my face so smooth, and i no longer use those alcohol-based toners, I keep misting my face every 3-4 hours and it feels so good on the face, I also use it on my eyes, in my face packs and basically, anywhere I can. Lastly, it smells so perfect. 🙂

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