Joy To The Skin Collection


Busy days can mean you’re skimping on your morning skincare routine. When that happens, your skin can look dull and feel tired and dry.

A simple and caring routine is an indulgence for your skin every day and will help you look alive and fresh in just a few minutes every morning.


When busy days have you scrimping on your daily skincare routine…or forgetting it all together…your skin can feel sad, ignored, forgotten.

What if taking good care of your skin only took a few minutes? And felt more like self-care?

When you indulge your skin in a daily care routine, your skin looks fresh and alive. And that’s a confidence boost right there.

Let nature meet nurture to give you a healthy and vibrant glow.

Srida Herbal’s Joy To The Skin collection Is a plant-based skincare ritual set that includes 5 foundational products that deliver a 1-2-3 routine for glowing skin every day.

Set Includes:
• Daily Glow Serum
• Daily Refine Toner
• Daily Melt Cleanser
• Super Fruit Scrub & Face Mask
• Daily Bliss Moisturizer

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Srida Herbals

Srida Herbals Logo Srida Herbals combines deep Indian heritage and centuries-old learning with Mother Nature’s offerings to create this 100% vegan, environmentally friendly and ethically sourced herbal skincare range. Founder and pharmaceutical professional Laksmi Ethirajan named her brand Srida Herbals, which means “radiance” in ancient Sanskrit. Only exclusive organic plant-based ingredients (most of which are fair trade certified) are used to ensure every skin type the radiance it deserves. All products are free of parabens, pesticides, fertilizers, and any other harmful ingredients and packaged in zero waste containers to protect our planet a keep it a clean place for generations to come. Return Policy

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