Organic Gift Set - Six Ethically Sourced Facial Oils & Serums


Softening – Thickening – Conditioning

A collection of The Pure Collection’s best selling facial oils and serums including a selection from their Phytohealth™ range,  developed specifically for addressing skin nutrition utilising botanical ingredients synergistically, in meticulous and proven formulations, with the aim of promoting and restoring both your skin and health. Beautifully packaged and of course 100% recyclable.


This Organic Gift Set includes:

Argan Oil
Argan Oil with 22 kt Gold Flakes
Prickly Pear Serum
Revitalising Serum
Intense Serum
Beard Oil with OUD

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The Pure Collection

The Pure Collection Logo The PÜRE Collection is an award-winning Certified Organic luxury skincare brand with 100% recyclable packaging from London, UK. Since inception, they have drawn inspiration from nature to formulate a botanical line so clean, natural, pure and organic, that its simplicity will evolve you over time to give you transformative results for the look and feel your skin deserves. The brand believes so much in transparency that they voluntarily register their products with the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. The PÜRE Collection is also Certified by Ecocert. The Pure Collection directly sources their Argan oil is from a small independent known producer near Agadir, Morocco. It is operated by a cooperative of local Berber women with good working conditions. The method of harvesting, extraction, and storage is extremely important, the Argan fruit must be gathered from the ground, not the tree, the nuts that have not yet fallen, are not sufficiently ripe. This helps to protect the tree making it sustainable. Once harvested, the nuts are dried for several days in the hot Moroccan sun before de-pulping and cracking by hand. It is important to recognize that it is most often the women who do the hard work of hulling and shelling the fruit by hand.  Once the fruit is prepared, it is then extracted by machine, and filtered several times. Only first Pressed oil is used.  The PURE Collection works with only one cooperative that pays their women producers a fair wage. Return Policy

How to Use

Use the pipette to allow 1 to 3 drops onto fingertips then rub together to warm to skin temperature, and then gently massage into face and neck skin using circular motions and allow to fully absorb.

As a hair treatment, use one or two drops and massage into the hair and leave in for 15 minutes before washing.

For the Beard, rub a few drops of oil between palms to warm and activate the oil, before gently massaging into the beard and the skin beneath. Use a comb or brush to distribute the oil throughout the length of the beard then style as normal.


Gift Set ingredients list
Prickly Pear Seed Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Argan Oil*, Marula Oil*
Neroli Essential Oil*, Myrrh Essential Oil*, Rose Otto Essential Oil*
Geranium Essential Oil*, Frankincense Essential Oil*, Sandalwood Essential Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Tamanu Oil*, Bergamot Essential Oil*, Agarwood (Oud) Essential Oil, Pure Marine Phytoplankton, Baobob Oil*, Patchouli Essential Oil*, Cypress Essential Oil*, Clary Sage Essential Oil*, Tea Tree Essential Oil*, Blue Tansy Essential Oil*, Helichrysum Essential Oil*.

* Certified Organic

For a full list of ingredients in this gift set, please see each individual products page.
99% Certified Organic ingredients
100% Natural Ingredients

6 reviews for Organic Gift Set – Six Ethically Sourced Facial Oils & Serums

  1. Charlene

    My Sister had two products from The Pure Collection and ranted and raved about them.
    I wanted to try, as they are natural,organic & pure premium skincare products, jsut up my alley, and I loved them, then I saw all the other goodies they sold, it was a bit expensive for me, so I hinted big time, AND guess what little Sis bought me for my Birthday!
    I am so happy. The products are so fine!

  2. Pauline

    I was undecided what to buy from this relatively new company, but had read so much about them in the press.
    I decided the best option was to try a small size sample of everything, it worked out a little cheaper and comes in such beautiful packaging.
    So far I have tried all, and my first impression is The Intense Serum is the winner, but the Argan oil with gold flakes is a winner too, and my boyfriend swears by the beard oil.

  3. Dora

    A me me treat, I saw a similar gift pack by a well known cosmetic house for double the price, and I saw they had treble the ingredients.
    I have had enough with all the rubbish gong on my skin.
    The Pure Collection won!
    I am now considering buying the full size versions of Intense Serum and Argan Oil with Gold Flakes.

  4. Sandra

    I was given this for my Birthday. I was so Happy, there are so many naughty companies out there in the Beauty Market now, it is good at last to see an honest one, 100% Certified Organic Ingredients and all ingredients listed and no hiding behind labels.
    The quality of everything here is just top notch and has given me the opportunity to now decide I shall be buying the large sizes of Prickly Pear and Revitalising Serum for sure.

  5. Annette

    I have heard so much about The Pure Collection recently and really was not sure what to buy, I wanted a little of everything, so this gift set was perfect!
    The only thing which I gave away was the Beard Oil to my son who loves it, the rest I am loving.
    I have already ordered full size bottles and told my friends to order.
    Superb company to deal with.

  6. Jason

    A Christmas gift for my sisters was well received. They had been reading and commenting about The Pure Collections for a while, but were unable to afford them due to recent personal matters. Their faces when they opened this gift box was amazing. Beautifully packaged and with amazing products.

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