Organic Passion Fruit Seed Oil (Maracuja Oil) - For Radiant Skin


PRODUCT: 100% Pure Passion Fruit Seed Oil (Commonly known as Maracuja Oil). (Spanish: Maracuyá / Portuguese: Maracuja). Cold-pressed and USDA certified Organic. Species: Passiflora edulis.

PROFILE: Passion Fruit Seed Oil is a healthy, natural face moisturizing oil for everyday use and all skin types to keep skin healthy and smooth. It is a natural Vitamin C face serum high in antioxidants and Omega 6, which act to brighten and even out skin complexion.

QUALITY: Candela Peru is a well-established producer of high-quality natural ingredients and supplies bulk product to some of the worlds largest cosmetics brands.

ETHICS: Candela Peru wild-harvest and fair-trade operations promote Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment.



Suitable for all skin types.

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Candela Peru

Candela is a leading organization in the development of ethical markets for quality organic products with an emphasis on strengthening the Amazonian and Andean value chains through the empowerment of the capacities of rural producers, making sustainable use of the ecosystems from which they come. Return Policy

How To Use

Passion Fruit Seed Oil is a superior natural anti-aging skin care product for daily use, particularly to replace chemical moisturizing face creams.


100% Pure Passion Fruit Seed Oil (Commonly known as Maracuja Oil).

1 review for Organic Passion Fruit Seed Oil (Maracuja Oil) – For Radiant Skin

  1. Anna

    I love using this oil on my face in the morning– it’s light and has a wonderfully fruity, uplifting scent. I will continue buying oil from this shop– Arbor Mundi sources pure and high-quality oils. You would be surprised to know that many oils offered by even reputable beauty brands are low-quality or impure. I would stick with Arbor Mundi as you can rest assured you’re buying the real thing from people who value fair trade principles and the Amazon’s longevity.

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