Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil


Antioxidant – Nourishing – Moisturizing

This Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil is an anti-aging power oil used to stimulate cellular renewal and combat free radicals. It reduces depth of wrinkles and lines, circles and sagging under the eyes.  It is known for restructuring, healing, and repairing skin texture.



Prickly pear seed oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids, omega 6 and 9, and the natural antioxidant vitamin E which helps to calm down any inflammation and redness, especially for those prone to rosacea.

The oil is easily absorbed into skin and penetrates quickly without leaving any greasy residue. It is also rich in amino acids, which may help stimulate collagen production. Containing vitamin K, prickly pear seed oil helps to brighten hyperpigmentation areas such as dark spots as well as being of benefit for under-eye dark circles. Prickly Pears high level of betalains helps to protect skin against ageing.

This oil contains high levels of linoleic acid (Omega 6) that replenish lost lipids within skin helping moisturise and restore elasticity.
Sufferers of acne may benefit from the use a non pore clogging oil such as Prickly Pear Seed oil, which helps prevent sebum from hardening and thus prevents blocked pores that could lead to acne.

Prickly pear seed oil is also an excellent conditioner for dry, dull and lackluster hair. Great for nail cuticles, Prickly pear seed oil works to strengthen nails making them less prone to breakage.

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The Pure Collection

The Pure Collection Logo The PÜRE Collection is an award-winning Certified Organic luxury skincare brand with 100% recyclable packaging from London, UK. Since inception, they have drawn inspiration from nature to formulate a botanical line so clean, natural, pure and organic, that its simplicity will evolve you over time to give you transformative results for the look and feel your skin deserves. The brand believes so much in transparency that they voluntarily register their products with the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. The PÜRE Collection is also Certified by Ecocert. The Pure Collection directly sources their Argan oil is from a small independent known producer near Agadir, Morocco. It is operated by a cooperative of local Berber women with good working conditions. The method of harvesting, extraction, and storage is extremely important, the Argan fruit must be gathered from the ground, not the tree, the nuts that have not yet fallen, are not sufficiently ripe. This helps to protect the tree making it sustainable. Once harvested, the nuts are dried for several days in the hot Moroccan sun before de-pulping and cracking by hand. It is important to recognize that it is most often the women who do the hard work of hulling and shelling the fruit by hand.  Once the fruit is prepared, it is then extracted by machine, and filtered several times. Only first Pressed oil is used.  The PURE Collection works with only one cooperative that pays their women producers a fair wage. Return Policy

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10ml, 30ml

How to Use

Use the pipette to allow 1 to 3 drops onto fingertips then rub together to warm to skin temperature, and then gently massage into face and neck skin using circular motions and allow to fully absorb.

As a hair treatment, use one or two drops and massage into the hair and leave in for 15 minutes before washing.


100% Certified Organic Cold Pressed Prickly Pear Seed (Opuntia ficus-indica) Oil

8 reviews for Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil

  1. Mark

    Highly moisturising, non greasy, a little goes a long way, effects are very good, dark circles under eyes, almost gone, skin feels tighter. Great buy

  2. Julie A.

    I heard this was going to be the new ‘Argan Oil’ it has lots more vitamin E in it, I wanted to try it before it became trendy and the ‘in thing’ and mass produced and the market becomes flooded with it!
    Most impressed, I needed a very small amount, it is easily absorbed into my skin, it is quite a thick oil, but easily spreadable, It does leave your face oily or greasy.
    My skin feels much softer and the lines around my eyes are much less noticeable. I have been using for just 3 weeks to get these results. I prefer to use it at night and found that every other night is sufficient.
    There really is not much of a smell to it at all.
    This is the second product I have bought from this company, and I must applaud them for the quality of their products, and the customer service.

  3. Jane

    Absorbs really quickly into the skin, a tiny amount is needed, I use under my eyes daily, a marked improvement.
    I also use on my elbows where I have always had dry skin, not any more!

  4. Alice W.

    I really like this. The Prickly Pear Serum is effective at smoothing out crow’s feet and my upper lip wrinkles, to the point that they have almost disappeared.
    I use it daily, but you only need use a few drops using the pipette, it is extremely hydrating for my skin.

  5. Rebecca R.

    I use daily to moisturise my skin, it is quick to absorb and leaves no oily residue, I an good then to apply my makeup.
    My skin certainly does seemed to have become softer since using, and a lot less expensive than a lot of things out there to do the same job allegedly, but this has all the ingredients listed, all ONE of them, and it is Certified Organic – Enough Said.

  6. Betty R

    I love it, it is amazingly clear, and smooth on the skin. It goes on easily and is absorbed quickly. Because of the cost, I use it on my face only and have bought Argan oil for the rest of my body, if price was not an issue, it can no doubt be used for the body and hair as well.

  7. Anne D

    I read so much about Prickly Pear, hearing it was going to be the new Argan Oil, and decided to try it, I can see what all the fuss is about. my skin is so much softer, it feels really nourished, healthier too

  8. B. Black

    This Prickly PearSerum instantly hydrates giving my skin a nice glow without leaving a sticky oil residue.
    There is however a bit of oiliness, understandable I guess as it’s an oil serum, but it does feel lighter than other oil serums.
    I have noticed that my skin has become more resilient and smoother in the 4 weeks that I have been using

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