Palo Santo Essential Oil


AROMA: Warm and woody with fresh citrus and incense notes.

SPECIES: From the north coast dry forest of Peru, Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) has long been considered a sacred wood to the native inhabitants and through colonial and modern times.

AROMATHERAPY: Promotes calm and serenity in the mind and body. Often used in yoga, meditation and traditional healing to cleanse the space.

SUSTAINABILITY: Palo Santo trees grow in vulnerable forests in Peru. Supporting this 100% traceable Palo Santo helps preserve forests from clearing for agriculture. Essential Oils Peru only uses naturally fallen dead wood. Fallen branches are collected after wind storms in partnership with traditional communities and under the supervision of the Peruvian ministry of forests (SERFOR).

PURITY: All Essential Oils Peru products are of the finest quality and 100% pure, never diluted or chemically modified.


Promotes calm and serenity in the mind and body.

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Essential Oils Peru

Started in 2011, Essential Oils Peru specializes in high quality oils from Amazonia, the Andes and dry Forest of Peru. Their business model and the network of communities that they manage allow them to bring the best raw materials harvested in a sustainable way. Taking care of endangered resources is one of their main goals, as well as managing projects that ensure different raw materials in the future. From nurseries up to plantation fields, EOP's mission is to ensure a continuous supply of raw material without unbalancing the different kind of forests. All forests in Perus are a source of new ideas to multiply, a bank of treasures. Return Policy


100% traceable Palo Santo

How To Use

Use essential oil through aromatic and topical uses. Some ideas include: Diffusing in an essential oil diffuser, Applying a drop to your hands and inhaling, Wearing as a personal fragrance, Massage, Apply to targeted areas and rub in, Add to lotions or moisturizers

4 reviews for Palo Santo Essential Oil

  1. Sabrina R.

    Wonderful products! Great quality and conscious. Highly recommended. Excellent customer service

  2. AnnMarie D.

    The aroma/fragrance is awesome – spot on! I’ve ordered Palo Santo from different companies and it has had a horrible burned rubber smell, and had to return the product. Refreshing scent perfect for mixing with other essential oils from fragrance or room sprays!

  3. Rocio A.

    The smell is like no other oil I have ever purchased I love this oil. Look no further

  4. Sheilla

    This essential oil is incredibly potent and full of character. I use it in my diffuser as a substitute to burning a Palo Santo stick when I want to avoid smoke. I’m so happy to have found an ethical source that aids in the reforestation of this precious and ancient tree.

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