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Tara – Himalayan Apricot scrub is made with age-old grinding and sifting methods to distill its pure goodness. Each micro-granule of Aroha Oils Apricot scrub contains Apricot oil, one of the best cleansing agents as it leaves skin hydrated too. It also treats ingrown hair and removes dead cells. Can be used for both face and body.

This Apricot scrub  is made from the kernels used in making Apricot oil in wooden vats. The oil content is still high in these kernel even after the oil is extracted maintaining all the products goodness.

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Himalayan Apricot kernels are ground into a fine powder using traditional methods of hand pounding to create a gentle, natural exfoliant. They are put through traditional grinding and sifting methods to distill their pure goodness. This Himalayan Apricot Kernel scrub is rich in Vitamins A, E, and C. Cleansing the body and face with them helps to remove dead cells and treat ingrown hairs.

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Aroha Oils

Aroha Oils logoAroha Oils is clean, pure and potent skincare sourced directly from the Himalayas. They believe in a farm to bottle philosophy and a transparent supply chain. Seventy percent of their ingredients are farmed and processed by the brave women in northern India. They strongly believe in fair trade practices and pay 25-35% higher prices for their work as they want to see a palpable change in the life of these women and their children. Aroha Oils has its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Their experts combine the ancient beauty ritual with a stylish, modern aesthetic for a more relevant emphasis on potency, efficacy and sensory experience. All Aroha Oils products are made in small batches ensuring a high concentration of herbs and the attention needed to make these luxury oils which are 100% food-grade, natural and free from any fragrance, preservatives, parabens, synthetic chemicals, and other fillers. Their 5 Core Ethos: Ecological, Ethical, Slow Skincare, Safety and Social Responsibility Refund Policy


“100% Prunus Armeniaca (bitter apricot) kernels* and love.



How To Use

Mix a little Apricot Scrub with water, rose water or milk. After making the paste, apply and exfoliate your skin (face/body) using circular movements. Wash thoroughly and do not use soap. Do this 2/3 times a week.

2 reviews for Tara – Face and Body Polish

  1. Saisha

    Excellent product to create a spa-like environment in your shower. I don’t use soap when i use this, I exfoliate and feel moisturized/refreshed. First-time users should expect that it won’t completely wash off – oil will linger on your skin, but it leaves your skin really soft and clean. You should probably use it with hot (rather than cold) water for absorbency. You can feel the naturalness of the product – as it is just so pure, would definitely be trying more of the Aroha oils product, already starting loving the product as well as its packaging. Such a nice brand.

  2. Neely

    For so long, I was looking for chemical-free 100% pure scrub without any addons or added fragrances as I have very sensitive and acne-prone skin, someone recommended me about Aroha Oils products and tried their Tara – Himalayan apricot meal, I have tried few of the premium brands selling scrubs but I would say, Tara doesn’t irritate your skin and gently exfoliates your skin and brings the glow on your face and body, I could see the difference within 2 to 3 usage of times, The packing is great and love their social cause, I would definitely try more of their products. Hope this helps.

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