True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish


True Moringa partners with Vega Coffee – their favorite farmer-roasted coffee company – to bring you this deliciously rich and rejuvenating body polish. Wake up your shower routine and revive dry and dull skin with a blissful aromatic blend of Nicaraguan coffee beans, organic sugar, cold-pressed moringa and a sweet and spicy essential oil blend.


Paraben free, sulfate free, vegan. True Moringa works directly with a network of 5000 smallholder farmers throughout Ghana to plant over two million moringa trees, providing sustainable livelihoods through access to credit, agricultural training, nutrition programs, and fair wages. Vega Coffee works with small-scale Nicaraguan farmers, giving them the tools and training to roast and package their coffee, which allows them to earn up to four times more per pound. Vega Coffee is grown, roasted, packaged and shipped from its point of origin. Fresh Nicaraguan coffee beans, rich in caffeine, firm and tighten skin and gently exfoliate to invite the healthy production of new skin cells. Moringa is rich in zeatin, known for stimulating cell division, growth, and delaying aging of cells. Moringa is packed with crucial fatty acids and antioxidants that the fight free radicals that cause premature aging.

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True Moringa

Natural skin and hair care powered by nature's best kept secret- antioxidant rich moringa oil. True Moringa's 100% cold-pressed moringa oil is sourced ethically from smallholder farmers and manufactured locally in Ghana with proprietary technology developed by MIT engineers. They took the unused part of the Moringa tree - the seeds- back to their labs at MIT and figured out how to cold-press the moringa seeds into a nourishing oil that outperforms argan, jojoba, and shea. Together, they built True Moringa with the mission of doing wellness differently. They believe that being healthy should be simple, affordable, and accessible to all. Learn more about the story behind True Moringa here.  Return Policy

How to Use

Take a small scoop in hand and allow steam from shower to soften. Apply gently as needed in a smooth, circular motion to sponge away dry skin and nourish moisture-starved areas (elbows, knees, and hands) before shaving. Rejuvenate and heal scaly or cracked skin and replenish moisture with weekly use.



4 reviews for True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish

  1. Sasha

    When I mentioned that I get obsessed over attempting to remedy the clogged pores on the backs of my arms, the True Moringa rep recommended this product. This literally instantaneously solves my problem. Feels great, easy to apply, smell is pleasant/not overwhelming, and it does a great job of exfoliating my skin. It is a little messy, so I’d recommend using it in the shower where you can easily wash it away or in a very small amount over the sink.

  2. Susan

    I am so excited about this body polish! I struggle with very itchy dry skin on my legs each winter. I used this product in the shower and followed up with True Moringa oil. I can’t believe what a difference it has made. My legs feel so smooth and most important the itching is gone. The beautiful but subtle aroma of the product adds to the overall experience. It is also surprising how little is needed to get this result. I will definitely be re-ordering this product.

  3. Rose

    I got this in a subscription box. I do not usually use exfoliating scrubs, mostly because I don’t see much of a difference after use. I also have very sensitive, dry skin and try to keep my skincare routine to just a few products. I also go for products with very few ingredients and avoid skin and lip items with loads of unpronounceable ingredients, because they tend to irritate my skin over time. It’s actually not uncommon for me to give away skincare items that I receive in subscription boxes. However, when I saw the ingredients in this scrub, I decided to give it a try. Especially since it smells so lovely, like a peppermint mocha (and not in an artificial way). At first, I just used it on my legs prior to shaving, and on my feet. I didn’t feel like it was making a difference, but it didn’t bother my skin and it was relaxing to use, so I continued use. Then one day, I decided to just give it a go and did a full body neck-to-toe scrub down. Afterward, I applied lotion all over. And let me tell you, it made my skin feel SO SOFT. Several times throughout the day, when my hands brushed against my leg, or thigh, or whatever, and I’d think “woah! that is some soft skin.” So this is a very long way of saying that this stuff truly does work. So much so that I came here to write this review. Very happy with how silky soft my skin feels, especially in the dead of winter!

  4. Cathy

    I received this in a subscription box and love it so much that once the jar was empty, I ordered a new jar (which I have not ever done!) The smell is so enlivening first thing in the morning, that just opening the jar can be enough! I use it on my chronically dry feet and notice a significant difference. So I wholeheartedly recommend this great product that is doing great things for the world!

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