Winter Wanderluster Gift Set


For any beauty loving traveler, this curated gift set of fair trade products is sure to come in handy.

All items come housed in a Sri Lankan island design zero-waste zipper wash bag from Original Source & Supply:

Each product included positively impacts the communities from which they were sourced. 

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This exclusive fair trade beauty gift set contains four best-selling ethical products from Beautyologie brands Shea Yeleen, Essential Oils of Peru, Tierra & Lava and Original Source & Supply. Perfect for treating any beauty lover and traveling wanderluster in your life this holiday season. Gift Set value is $72, offered at $65.

1.Original Source & Supply Zero Waste Fabric Washbag 

Heavy cotton zipped wash bag featuring hand illustrated animals, fruits and plants of Sri Lanka with the corresponding Sinhalese script.

* Fully lined with internal divider * 22cm x 14cm * Light grey base with charcoal screen print * 100% cotton fabric and trims. Made in Karur, India using a sustainable design approach. 

2. Shea Yeleen Lavender Honeysuckle Rich Shea Body Cream 

Packed with natural, unrefined shea butter, Shea Yeleen’s ultra-hydrating formula is rich in vitamins and will instantly smooth your skin, leaving it glowing. This smaller size is great for the purse or bag during travel and commutes. 

3. Tierra & Lava Mayan Bliss Balm 

Meet your new best friend – this is the go-to balm for just about anything. It’s a touch of bliss for dry lips, elbows, hair tips, or minor grazes. This all-in-one balm is formulated with ingredients chosen for their synergy and traditional Mayan medicinal uses. Combining 3 varieties of Mayan Melipona Honey, each with their own distinct qualities, coffee extract, macadamia oil for rich moisture and gloss, fresh turmeric, calendula for it’s healing and soothing properties and a touch of mandarin, this balm is both nourishing and invigorating for the skin. 

4. Essential Oils Peru Lemongrass Essential Oil 

Fresh exotic grass and vibrant lemon. Use as Aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety. For skincare, use as a natural astringent and anti-bacterial.

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Essential Oils Peru

Started in 2011, Essential Oils Peru specializes in high quality oils from Amazonia, the Andes and dry Forest of Peru. Their business model and the network of communities that they manage allow them to bring the best raw materials harvested in a sustainable way. Taking care of endangered resources is one of their main goals, as well as managing projects that ensure different raw materials in the future. From nurseries up to plantation fields, EOP's mission is to ensure a continuous supply of raw material without unbalancing the different kind of forests. All forests in Perus are a source of new ideas to multiply, a bank of treasures. Return Policy

Original Source and Supply

Original Source and Supply was born from a passion for travel and the discovery of new crafts and cultures. Deepening an understanding of them through conscious sourcing, thoughtful developing and slow travel. Always in small quantities. During these travels and inspired by life in Sri Lanka, hand sketched journals have been unfailingly kept, recounting tales of the journeys. They bring to life personal experiences of countries and cultures through illustrations. These are in turn captured on cards and prints and integrated into a collection of textiles and products collected along the way. Original Source and Supply believes that fair and responsible trade is our duty. Endeavouring to always use natural, ethically produced materials, conscious of the original source.

Learn more about the story behind Original Source and Supply here. Return Policy

Shea Yeleen

Shea Yeleen logoEstablished in 2005, Shea Yeleen International, Inc. is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering women in West Africa and the United States through the production, sale and use of shea butter products. A unique blend of grassroots organizing and business development, Shea Yeleen is a company that specializes in manufacturing high quality, organic, fair trade skin care products and utilizing a sales strategy that incorporates women’s’ micro enterprise development. Ultimately, Shea Yeleen's beneficiaries are the women producers who will receive a fair price, small business start-ups and our consumers who will have access to a guaranteed high-quality product that meets their health, cosmetic and personal beauty needs. Shea Yeleen cares about the global community. They believe that business has an equal responsibility to make profits while benefiting and making change in the communities in which we do business. Their business model incorporates grassroots community development that produces high quality shea butter skincare products for the consumer market. Learn more about how Shea Yeleen empowers female shea butter producers in Ghana here.  Return Policy

Tierra & Lava

Tierra & Lava logoSituated in Guatemala, Tierra & Lava believes you shouldn’t have to compromise with natural skincare - you can have a product that is both kind to your skin and the earth. All of their ingredients are locally sourced in an ethical and transparent way so they can ensure quality at every part of their journey; from inception to the final product. Lucy Ashman, the creator and founder of Tierra & Lava builds relationships with their farmers and financially supports them so they can carry on the legacy of their disappearing traditional cultural practices. Many of their ingredients are grown in their very own organic garden, ensuring the utmost level of care. Because they are so connected to where their ingredients come from, they work to preserve their natural integrity - using as close to their whole, raw, and unadulterated forms as possible. Return Policy


Please go to each product page for complete ingredient listings.

How To Use

Please go to each product page for complete How To Use directions. However, the best way to us this gift set is to purchase it and gift it to someone special in your life!

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All products are ethically sourced, follow fair trade principles and are cruelty-free.

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