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Anti-Acne Face Cleanser - Sunehri

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This Anti-Acne Face cleanser is infused with Himalayan herbs and Mysore sandalwood, which work hard to remove the things that can clog pores and lead to breakouts--even stubborn makeup.

  • Removes oil & dirt
  • Exfoliates dryness
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth

This Anti-Acne Face Cleanser is derived from ancient technique in Ayurveda of using powder to wash the face, (instead of a liquid cleanser), Sunehri is a potent concoction made from Himalayan herbs and pants; It is devoid of any preservatives & chemicals. This radically innovative face cleanser is completely free from harsh chemicals, and it helps by regenerating new skin cells, increasing collagen, and improving skin tone. one will never feel dry after washing the face, as it will not strip the natural moisture and nutrients from your face.


  1. Keeps the skin nourished without stripping it of its essential nutrients.
  2. Leaves your face feeling fresh after washing without drying it. 
  3. Cleanses the skin deeply & removes dirt & pollution.
  4. Smoothes and softens the texture of the skin with consistent use.
  5. Reduces pigmentation and tan. Enhances the appearance of the face. 
  6. Wash that soothes and is therapeutic. 
  7. Preservative-free products leave no preservative residue on the face, so they don't irritate acne-prone skin.

Key ingredients

  • Mulethi: Visibly brighten and reducing dark spots and circles.
  • Sandalwood: Nourishes the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells, even out skin tone.
  • Arrowroot: makes your skin silkier and smoother.

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Sprinkle an adequate amount in your palm, activate with some water or Rosewater & gently massage onto your skin. Wash off and follow with our Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel.


Anti-Acne Face Cleanser - Sunehri

Anti-Acne Face Cleanser - Sunehri

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