Himalayan Apricot Nourishing Oil
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हिमालयन एप्रीकोट - Nourishing Oil

A wonderfully indulgent oil of Himalayan bitter apricot kernels, cold-pressed in a traditional wooden vat ‘ghani’ at the source. Rooted in the wisdom of generations, its origins are a sacred remedy offered by the indigenous Himalayan womenfolk we work with Handpicked fro the upper altitudes of the Himalayas, These are wild-crafted and handpicked apricots kernels are cold-pressed in a traditional wooden vat "ghani' directly at the source. This pure and traditional method of extracting the oil keeps all the nutritious value of the oil intact. Our Himalayan Apricot kernel oil is deeply nourishing and is rich in Vitamine A, E, and C.

Vegan. Naural. Zero Preservatives. No Additives. No Parabens. No GMOs. No Sulfates or synthetic fragrances. No artificial dyes. No nasties. All our recipes are backed with intensive research and the time tested science of Ayurveda. We test our products on real people and never test on animals. As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their color and aroma.


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