Neroli & Rose Cleansing Balm
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Make up is removed easily, even waterproof mascara with minimal effort and no pulling. The Neroli & Rose cleansing balm melts it all away, leaving your skin soft, glowing and moisturized. A multi-tasking balm, it also can double as an overnight sleeping mask, or as an extra layer for your skin during cold weather. Also a great spot treatment for softening rough elbows or cuticles.

How it Works - Organic camellia seed oil, long revered by the Geisha of Japan, for youthful skin, is combined with a blend of other organic oils, like rosehip seed oil and Fair trade Baobab oil. These oils help balance the oil on your skin while lifting dirt, makeup and sunscreen from your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Cleanse Your Skin without Drying it Out

aYR usesFair trade shea, mango, and Baobab, and your purchase helps support Fair trade, sustainable harvesting, and education for children in Africa.

No inexpensive fillers here. Real and undiluted rose essential oil, “the fountain of youth” is combined with rare Neroli for a gentle, uplifting aroma. Antioxidant rich, smooth and softening formula. 100% vegan, cruelty free.


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Camellia seed oil*, sunflower oil*, Shea butter**, mango butter**, candelillia wax, babassu oil*, baobab oil**, rosehip seed oil*, jojoba oil*, caprylic/capric triglycerides*, rose, neroli and rosemary essential oils, chamomile. *organic ingredients ** Fair trade and organic 90% total organic ingredients

Apply about a quarter of a teaspoon onto dry skin. Use a gentle motion, paying particular attention to eye makeup. For stubborn eye makeup, you may have to apply twice. Relax and enjoy the facial massage, as you ease away the day! Soak a face cloth in hot water, and apply, gently wiping away makeup. Enjoy the light steaming effect, and relaxing aroma. You may use a second cleanser if you wish, or move on to applying your night cream.
aYR Skin Care is an innovative and complex skincare collection made from consciously sourced ingredients and lovingly prepared in small batches. Inspired by founder Kirsten Thomas’s quest for cruelty-free skin care products that did not irritate her sensitive skin and that met her high ethical standards, aYR Skin Care is purely focused on clean, vegan, and effective skin care formulations that support beauty at any age. Some all-natural products from other clean skin care brands might feel thin and watery. At AYR Skin Care, they’ve developed proprietary silicone replacements that nourish your skin with luxury that doesn’t compromise. Their products are a cultivation of everything they believe about self-care and ethical, Fair Trade practices. aYR Skin Care's hope is not just to make a difference for your skin, but help make a difference for the world.
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