Soursop Facial Trio Set w/ Rose Quartz Gua Sha Clean Fair Trade Beauty Product


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Soursop Facial Trio Set w/ Rose Quartz Gua Sha

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soursop Facial Trio Set w/ Rose Quartz Gua Sha Include:
  • Island C Glow Drops - Soursop Vitamin C Serum
  • Island C Glow Dew Mist with Soursop
  • Soursop C Glow Polish
  • Rose Quartz Butterfly Facial Gua Sha

A fresh, organic, vegan serum containing soursop and vitamin C powder, Island C Glow Drops - Soursop Vitamin C Serum tightens pores, softens fine lines and wrinkles, treats dark spots, redness, and strengthens the skin.

Benefits of the Island C Glow Drops:

  •     Antioxidant blend strengthens skin
  •     Nourishes and clarifies complexion
  •     tightens pores
  •     Softens fine lines & wrinkles
  •     Treats uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation
  •     Calms redness & blemishes.

Experience the transformative effects of Island C Glow Dew Mist, enriched with soursop and a blend of tropical botanicals. This refreshing tonic contains hyaluronic acid to combat signs of aging and bring balance to your complexion. Not only does it nourish, but it also creates a protective barrier for your skin. Its invigorating formula tightens pores, soothes acne, and reduces hyperpigmentation for an overall improvement in texture. Embrace the radiance of your skin as you instantly feel its softness, silkiness, and luminosity - leaving you with a glowing vitality that will make you beam.

Benefits of the Island C Glow Dew Mist:

  •     Smoothes skin texture
  •     Neutralizes free radical damage
  •     Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  •     Soothes redness, and roughness

Take your complexion to new heights with Silktage's Soursop Glow Polish. This water-activated powdered cleanser mask penetrates your skin for a deep, spa-like exfoliation. Crafted with Soursop, this potent formula features vitamin C and ascorbic acid to soothe hyperpigmentation. Additionally, hibiscus, nopal cactus and guava help your skin retain moisture, which is essential for a glowing complexion. It can be used as a cleanser or as a face mask, making it a multi-functional product you need in your routine. Bakuchi, a natural alternative to retinol, helps reduce inflammation and boost collagen. For All Skin Types.

Benefits of Soursop C Glow Polish:

  • Exfoliates skin & brightens complexion
  • Improves skin texture
  • Balances skin tone
  • Calm redness and blemishes
  • Removes makeup and dead skin

The Gua Sha Massage Tool is an Asian beauty secret used for centuries to enhance blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, de-puff and relax facial muscles to help lift saggy jawline, reduce puffiness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This Rose Quartz butterfly shape gua sha is designed to lift, drain and sculpt the face, rejuvenating the skin for a youthful, radiant, dewy glow.

Benefits of the Rose Quartz Butterfly Facial Gua Sha:

  •     Stimulating and nourishing properties
  •     New visibly brighter complexion
  •     Healthier, smoother, silkier, rejuvenated, glowing skin
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Soursop Facial Trio Set w/ Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Soursop Facial Trio Set w/ Rose Quartz Gua Sha

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