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The Cloud Forest of Peru, Home to the Miracle of Super Sacha Inchi

High above the rainforest, where the Amazon kisses the Andes, sits the dazzling and mystical cloud forest, home to a unique and astonishing ecosystem.

An estimated 10% of all Amazon plants have significant medical value, earning the Amazon the right to be dubbed “The World’s Biggest Pharmacy.” It was in this Peruvian cloud forest that a remarkable jungle nut was recently unveiled, a nut that has proven to be the richest source of Omega 3s on the planet.

Deep in the Peruvian jungle is where you can find the small remote village, Nueva Esperanza, the only place on earth that actually grows this nut. What was immediately most striking about the villagers (who routinely ate this nut), of any and all ages, was their skin and hair. Smooth where there should’ve been wrinkles and lustrous hair which should’ve been frazzled.

The Amazon sun and climate are harsh and these people should have had faces that were weathered and worn. However, in fact, the opposite was stunningly true. The oil from this exotic, beautiful nut, super sacha inchi, is used to create the first skincare product formulating the richest source of Omega 3 known.

Scientifically formulated, there are no harsh synthetics or chemicals. Amazon Silk is clean, green, effective, eco-friendly, traditional/artisanal, natural, and sustainable.

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