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700 Rivers handcrafted soap

As a global, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle brand, 700 Rivers provides natural products that help us be kind to one another, kind to the planet, and kind to ourselves. By creating high-quality, eco-friendly products, 700 Rivers ensure women across the globe are paid living wages, have a safe working environment, and are treated with dignity and respect.

These handcrafted soaps by Bangladeshi artisans have escaped human trafficking now have steady employed. By using a 700 Rivers soap bar, you can get a fresh start to your day while helping these women lead a dignified life. 

Bangladesh has more than 700 rivers and waterways providing life-giving water and fertile soil to its people. In keeping with our name, 700 Rivers seeks to enrich the lives of its workers and sustain the environment.

Purchasing soap directly contributes to new soap orders, which means more work for these women. We appreciate you helping empower women around the world with a fresh start in life.


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