Summer Beauty essentials to keep you cool and glowing all summer long. Summer Beauty essentials to keep you cool and glowing all summer long.
Fair Trade and Ethical Beauty Good for People and the PlanetFair Trade and Ethical Beauty Good for People and the Planet

Our Purpose

Beautyologie is the #1 curated global marketplace featuring fair trade and ethically sourced beauty products from producers and formulators around the world.

Our mission is to economically empower the people behind the ingredient sourcing of our hand-picked beauty products. Without them, our products wouldn’t be possible.

Here, you can purchase skincare and cosmetics that make a difference, not just on the surface of your skin, but in the world we live in.

Best Sellers

From radiance-inducing face oils handcrafted by Peruvian artisans to skin-loving elixirs formulated
at female cooperatives in Ghana, Beautyologie puts humanity at the forefront of the beauty industry.

All our products are ethically sourced, follow fair trade principles, and are cruelty-free for animals & humans.

What Customers and Brands Are Saying

“ This online marketplace offers all of the Fair Trade and ethically sourced products anyone could need. With authentic products from all over the world, Beautyologie teams up with brands to ensure each ingredient goes toward positive change.”


"[Beautyologie] is a clearing house for entrepreneurs who back up their ethical buzzwords.” 

Bloomberg Businessweek

“I think it’s the only beauty platform that is about fair trade and ethical products. That’s like just a huge, huge thing.”

Lucy Ashman
founder of Tierra & Lava

“Honestly, I think what [Beautyologie] is doing is so unique and I’m so grateful that someone has finally stood up and taken on this mantle. It is the first retail partner that we’ve had that actually genuinely cares about those give back initiatives that we’re doing. It’s so heartening to see someone actually doing it to have the mission be the reason why.”

Jene Roestorf
founder of Luxe Botanics

“At the most fundamental level, you’re talking about the rights and well-being of every part of the value chain, every participant in the value chain. And that’s a critical concept. What [Beautyologie] is doing is extremely relevant.”

Surbhee Grover
founder of Love, Indus

“The ability to go to one place and learn about brands that are ethical, that are sustainable, that are creating healthy products for consumers. I think it’s brilliant that [Beautyologie] is filling that niche, and I just feel super lucky that I get to be part of it. I love this platform for social impact beauty brands. It didn’t exist until now.”

Rahama Wright
founder of Shea Yeleen

“It’s hard to find fair trade skincare and it’s a little bit all over the place. There’s not a lot of them, so creating a platform, a marketplace for people who really have an interest, that’s an amazing project. We are very happy to be part of it.”

Dr. Stephan Helary
founder of Terres D’Afrique

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