Moon Beings Ethical Beauty

The mission at Moon Beings is to provide the best quality skincare products for you and the environment too. This means high quality vegan, non toxic, cruelty free, highly effective ingredients with production methods that reduce manufacturing waste. they carry a low footprint packaging in glass and offer a recycling program for all of their products. 

They are on a mission for healthy skin, not perfect skin. they don't believe there is "perfect skin" only healthy skin. 

Moon Beings believes in generosity and equality. They talk to strangers – and they’ve made many friends this way! They give you their trust unconditionally. They believe in change. How they see it - We all live on this earth and when we look up - we all see the same moon. This moon runs our tides, our planet and affects every human on planet earth. This unites us all.

Their inclusive ethos statement – "One Moon. All Beings."

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  • Moon Glow Oil - Healing

    Daily Reparative Botanical Dry Oil + black currant seed oil 15% GLA - 10% ALA Your glow and skin dermis are equally important which is why Moon Beings carefully blended Moon Glow with Black Currant Seed Oil rich in 15% GLA/10% ALA to help promote skin healing and protection. They also added Jojoba Oil known to be the most similar to our own skin's sebum to help smooth and plump patchy skin areas.  Moon Glow is also boosted with Avocado & Rosehip Oil. Avocado oil has an abundance of antioxidants, plant sterols, omega-9, minerals, and vitamins, including vitamins C and E.  

  • Celestial - C Stem Cell Serum

    Firm & Rejuvenate + squalane | + blood orange | + C- stem  This Vitamin C-packed fruit & Aloe Vera serum contains blood orange, which is naturally rich in polyphenols known to increase circulation & collagen production, ease breakouts, inflammation and improve skin tone. Added Squalane works as a humectant base to further protect and improve your skin barrier.  

  • Watermelon Moon Oil + Serum

    WATERMELON MOON SERUM +Guava +Mango +Watermelon  Clarify & glow with this ultimate multi-benefit extract serum. Extracts of Kalahari & Guava to detox & clarify your skin. Squalane Oil, Meadow Foam Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil & Kalahari Oil to keep your skin protected and nourished. Expertly formulated for an optimal delivery method for all skin types.  An ancestor to today's common red Watermelon, Kalahari Melon originates in South Africa with its pale yellow flesh and rich seeds. Known for its moisturizing, regenerating and restructuring properties, it contributes to the integrity of the cell wall and to the suppleness and beauty of the skin. It plays a role in regulation of hydration and restructuring of the epidermis.