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Clean, Organic toxin-free and aluminum-free Deodorants

At Beautyologie we feature some of the best aluminum free, organic, clean and toxin-free deodorants and deo bars this beauty world has to offer. Ethically sourced with fair trade practices, our deodorants come from many different countries. Staying fresh and clean doesn’t mean sacrificing your health. Our natural deodorants are free of aluminum, talc and toxic ingredients and are effective.  We have the best clean and organic deodorants ones to keep you dry and smelling clean all day.

Benefits of Natural Deodorants:

  • Allow your body to sweat
  • Do not irritate your skin
  • Natural Deodorants do not clog pores
  • Clean deodorants do not contain toxic substances such as aluminum and benzene
  • Natural and Organic deodorants are better for your health
  • Eco friendly
  • Save animals

    When you switch from a traditional toxic deodorant to a clean and natural one, your body will take a few weeks to detox from aluminum that has accumulated in your pits and had been preventing you from sweating. During this process you may notice that you sweat more and you might get an unusual odor. This is because your body is cleansing as part of your built in mechanism.

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