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About Beautyologie

We make it easy for you to be an ETHICAL BEAUTY CONSUMER. We partner with FAIR TRADE, CRUELTY FREE, SUSTAINABLY-SOURCED and CONSCIOUS beauty brands that create CLEAN, NONTOXIC, ORGANIC products. Even more than that, we only offer brands that are transparent about their ingredient supply chains and follow fair trade practices. This means treating their producers fairly, stomping out child labor, promoting gender equality and minimizing their mark on the planet. We do all this to empower YOU to use your purchasing power for GOOD.  And of course, feel BEAUTIFUL.

  • Skincare and cosmetics, like food, are most often made up of plants. Just like our food system can promote unhealthy labor conditions, the same goes for skincare ingredients.

  • Brands that formulate with fair trade and ethically-sourced ingredients go the extra step to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages are paid to farmers and workers. This is especially important for women—they do the majority of farm work around the world but are often underpaid and under-represented.

  • Fair trade practices and transparent sourcing in the beauty industry is what will truly create social change in this world!


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Robyn Doyle Beautyologies and Founder of the Fair Trade Beauty Company

Robin Doyle, Beautyologist and Founder


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