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Find an ethical, sustainably sourced gift set at Beautyologie! These gift sets are perfect for birthdays, appreciations days, or just to let someone know that you are thinking of them!
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Violet Botanical Skincare®
Egyptian Petite Bundle
Regular price$24.00
    Violet Botanical Skincare®
    Queen of Flowers Petite Bundle
    Regular price$24.00
      Lip Balmie Duo Set
      Regular price$26.00
      • NUDE PLUM + ROSÉ - Warm rosy nudes for everyday-rouge
      • CINNAMON + CHAMPAGNE - Copper spice with a touch of gold
      • STRAWBERRY + CHERRY - For a very berry earthy vibe
      Lip Balmie Trio Set
      Regular price$38.00
      • GOLDEN HOUR: Chestnut Peach Strawberry - Strawberry sunsets and a golden chestnut glow
      • OUT OF OFFICE: Frosting, Raspberry, Watermelon - Electric berry meets watermelon pop
      • COTTON CANDY SKIES: Champagne, Sorbet, Rosé- Soft, rosy nudes to lighten the mood
      • OF THE EARTH: Caramel, Nude Plum, Cherry - Desert spice and warm, earthy blush tones
      • MALIBU MAGIC: Champagne, Peach, Clementine - Salty hair and the perfect coral-sun-kissed glow
      Madame Gabriela Beauty
      The Jet Set
      Regular price$102.00

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