• Wild Bataua Oil (Ungurahui Oil) for Healthy Hair

    Batua Oil is highly useful as a weekly hair treatment for dry, frizzy or brittle hair and as a daily or weekly anti-aging serum for skin. The intended use is as a natural skin and hair care serum to replace chemical cosmetic products. PRODUCT: 100% Pure Oenocarpus Bataua Oil. Known commonly as Ungurahui, UnguRahua, Bataua, Pataua and Sinami. Cold-pressed. Unrefined. Wild-Harvested. Fair Trade. PROFILE: Ungurahui Oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E and Omega 9 Oleic acid. It is particularly useful as a weekly treatment for healthy, shiny hair. It is also a great skin conditioner, particularly as a natural anti-aging face serum. Light, essentially odorless and absorbs easily into skin and hair. QUALITY: Candela Peru is a well-established producer of high-quality natural ingredients for global cosmetics brands and other carrier oil brands. With Candela, customers can ensure high quality natural products while avoiding expensive brand mark-ups and complex supply chains which increases costs and reduces freshness. ETHICS: Purchases of our Ungurahui oil specifically help protect the Amazon against deforestation as a high-value, regenerating, wild-collected, non-timber forest product. Our Ungurahui fruits are collected by forest-based communities in a fair trade partnership recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization. Candela Peru operations promote Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment.  

  • Sakti - Volume Booster for Hair

    This nourishing, cold-pressed head massage oil uses the finest-quality Ayurvedic herbs like Bhringaraj and Jatamansi to arrest hair loss, promote the growth of healthy new hair, and improve its overall texture. It deeply conditions, restores the shine and manageability of the hair and helps to add volume. This oil has a natural 'herby' fragrance and is free from any artificial fragrances. Himalayan herbs Jatamansi and Bhringraj have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that prevent hair fall out, dandruff, and other microbial growth in your hair. Hibiscus flower and Licorice roots are rich in amino acids which help to keep the scalp moist and maintain the hydration process of the hair. Sakti Hair Oil is inspired by the Ayurveda text of Brigjraha Thailam, which has been used in India for hair care for 1,000s of years. Bhringraj Oil, as this oil is called in Ayurveda, is well documented in the Vedas. Sakti also includes powerhouse herbs like Jatamansi, Bhringraj, Bhrami, and Goat Milk and is infused in Organic Cold press Black Sesame and Virgin Coconut Oil. A hair massage with this oil is a very effective treatment for hair loss and it also nourishes the hair roots, thereby strengthening the hair from within. This Oil is good for all kinds of hair types as it balances the oiliness of the hair. "Using the time test Ayurveda formula called bhringraj thailam which uses herbs like Bringraj & Jatamansi. This potent formula ensures that your scalp stays healthy, whilst keeping your tresses strong and beautiful."  

  • Baobab Oil Head To Toe

    Baobab seed oil restores luster to skin and hair, delivers long-lasting moisture reducing fine lines, and wrinkles and helps improve hair strength and elasticity. Baobab oil is a nutritive oil that quickly absorbs without clogging pores, locks in moisture, and rejuvenates the driest skin. For hair, Baobab oil helps to improve elasticity and strength. Baobab oil is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, D, E, and Omega 3,6 and, 9 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce skin redness and acne. Its use has been associated with the slowing of collagen breakdown and preventing damage to hair follicles from free radicals. Kaibae Baobab oil is a single-origin oil, 100 % pure cold-pressed in northern Ghana by our harvesting partners in accordance with USDA Organic guidelines and is Non-GMO  Project Verified.   

  • Henna Oil

    Suitable for all skin types. Katari Henna oil is not an ordinary oil. Katari sources henna leaves from small farms in the delta of the Nile and have this beautiful oil cold-pressed by oil artisans in the Mediterranean. This Henna Oil is 100% single-ingredient, pure and unrefined. Henna oil will enhance the color of red and brunette hair and promote natural growth and nourishment of hair follicles naturally and easily. Henna oil is cold-pressed from dried henna leaves. It does not stain hair or skin. It richly moisturizes hair follicles and helps keep hair (brows and lashes too) naturally healthy and beautiful. BENEFITS: hair and scalp nourishing and moisturizing, helps reduce scalp dryness enhances growth of lashes and eyebrows wonderful skin moisturizer CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN  

  • Repair-Active Scalp Oil

    A rejuvenating blend of Argan, Camellia, Castor Oil and other highly effective botanical oils to nourish, repair and soothe the scalp and hair. This multi-purpose oil treatment nourishes the scalp, soothe itchiness, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, relieve dandruff, strengthen roots, follicles and stimulate hair growth. Good for Hot Oil Treatment. Siktáge Scalp Repair Pre-Wash Healing Oil Treatment is the key to a healthy scalp, strong, vibrant hair, and moisture-balanced skin. This all-natural pre-shampoo treatment delivers healing oils from around the world to nourish your scalp, soothe itchiness and dryness, relieve dandruff, strengthen roots and follicles and stimulate hair growth. This proprietary blend of Organic Sesame oil, Castor Seed Oil, Argan oil and other healing botanical oils from around the world is rich in the vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that healthy scalp needs flourish and grow healthy hair, Naturally. No Silicones, Parabens, Chemicals, Preservatives, Hexane-Free, Non-GMO, Non-Toxic Cruelty-Free • Gluten-Free • Vegan Made With Certified Organic Ingredients - Fair Trade Ingredients • Please Recycle  

  • Mayan Bliss Balm

    Meet your new best friend - this is the go-to balm for just about anything. It’s a touch of bliss for dry lips, elbows, hair tips, or minor grazes. This all-in-one balm is formulated with ingredients chosen for their synergy and traditional Mayan medicinal uses. Combining 3 varieties of Mayan Melipona Honey, each with their own distinct qualities, coffee extract, macadamia oil for rich moisture and gloss, fresh turmeric, calendula for it’s healing and soothing properties and a touch of mandarin, this balm is both nourishing and invigorating for the skin.  

  • Couple Ritual

    Energize your souls with a sensual, mindful, relaxing bath ritual. Experience the grounding, warming scents of wild African botanicals with this luxurious Terres d'Afrique gift bundle. Includes: TDA Signature Fragrance Myrrh Body Scrub Gentle Face Scrub Deep Cleansing Mask Afrique Aroma Body Oil: Tropical Dusk  

  • Strong Roots Hair Oil

      Srida Herbals Strong Roots Hair Oil is formulated with a unique blend of 7 oils that nourish and strengthen the roots for healthy hair growth, reduced hair breakage and fall. The high quality oils in our product coat each hair shaft to lock in moisture, making hair soft, manageable, detangled and ready for styling. Also helps smooth frizzy hair after blow drying, straightening or curling.  Our hair is like the crown we each wear with pride. Just like our skin, our hair goes through many phases of life. With proper, healthy, care, it proudly rewards that love and affection with shine, body and softness. The 7 plant oils, plus natural extracts, in Strong Roots Hair Oil have a long tradition of use in quality hair care across the globe: Rice Bran Oil is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, Ceramides and Vitamin E. It helps lock in the moisture and makes hair more manageable for your desired style. Due to its high smoke point, rice bran oil makes a perfect addition to strengthen hair after heat styling. It also minimizes sun damage to the hair in very hot climates. Sunflower Oil is loaded with alpha gamma linoleic acid, Vitamin E and K. It helps reduce hair loss, leading to fuller and healthier looking hair. It keeps the hair hydrated and moisturized, which helps strengthen the hair follicles. Olive Oil is loaded with nutrients that act as a natural emollient and conditioner for hair. It locks in the moisture in the hair shafts and keeps each strand separate, for reduced detangling. If your hair is prone to split ends, applying a few drops to the hair tips helps minimize the condition. (If you already have split ends, give them a trim, and then try applying hair oil to the new tips to protect from splits.) Camellia Oil has been a mainstay in Japan since ancient times. It is loaded with Omega-9 fatty acids that act as an emollient to dry and frizzy hair. It resembles human sebum and helps establish a balance between moisture and sebum. Camellia oil also helps tame frizzy strands, making hair look more smooth and lustrous, and protects hair from heat styling and sun damage. Pomegranate Oil is rich in vitamin C—an excellent source of nutrition for collagen production in stressed hair. It helps circulation to the scalp, reduces damage to the follicles, and aids in healthier and shinier looking hair. Castor Oil is the king of oils for hair care. It has been used traditionally in many African and Indian hair care regimens. Rich in fatty acids, it acts as a humectant and occlusive to the hair: it draws moisture from the environment and locks it into the hair strands, making hair more moisturized and bouncy. Moringa Oil has also been used in traditional African and Indian Hair care routines. It is rich in Zinc, and supports Keratin production. It is also abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and A. This light oil is readily absorbed and helps increase blood circulation to the scalp. It strengthens hair roots and shafts, while detangling and lubricating. It is also a good choice in color treated hair care regimens. Banana extract (infused in sunflower oil in this hair oil) is rich in Vitamin A and anti-oxidants that help provide relief from oxidative stress. Loaded with several nutrients, bananas are good for your over all health, including your hair health. Supports healthy scalp and adds shine to the hair. Aloe Vera (infused in olive oil in this hair oil) is a great conditioner for hair. It moisturizes the scalp and hair strands, leaving them strong and shiny. It also makes hair more manageable for styling. Rosemary EO improves blood circulation, helps promote thicker looking hair and reduces premature graying and dandruff. Lavender EO helps maintain the pH of the scalp at an optimal level to reduce dandruff. It also moisturizes and conditions the hair adding a shine to the hair shafts.    

  • Himalayan Apricot Nourishing Oil

    A wonderfully indulgent oil of Himalayan bitter apricot kernels, this nourishing hair and body oil is cold-pressed in a traditional wooden vat ‘ghani’ at the source. Rooted in the wisdom of generations, its origins are a sacred remedy offered by the indigenous Himalayan womenfolk of Aroha Oils. These wild-crafted apricots are handpicked in the upper altitudes of the Himalayas. The pure and traditional method of extracting the oil keeps all the nutritious value of the oil intact. Our Himalayan Apricot kernel oil is deeply nourishing and is rich in Vitamin A, E, and C. Empowered with high levels of Vitamins A, C, E and essential fatty acids, Apricot oil is excellent for acne prone, sensitive or congested skin as well as mature dry skin. Light and easily absorbed, it hydrates, nourishes and strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Super safe for babies and pregnant moms too. Leaves skin toned and supple.

  • Himalayan Seabuckthorn Seed Oil

    This Himalayan Seaberry oil is loaded with powerful super-oxide dismutase and over 200 skin regenerating bio-actives that build inter-cellular cement, improving skin structure and tone. Himalayan Seaberry contains Omega fatty acids that including omega-7, which is crucial to building collagen to rescue dry, damaged skin. This critically extracted oil penetrates the deeper skin layers, effectively protecting against skin disorders such as rosacea, pigmentation, acne, hair loss and sun damage. Supercritical CO2 Extracted Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil This Himalayan variety of Sea buckthorn berry is one of a kind.  From the high altitudes of Himalayan snow-clad valleys, the treasured seabuckthorn berry is a superfruit with a magnificent phytonutrient and EFA profile. Wildcrafted and hand-harvested in the Indian state of Leh & Ladakh by the locals at over 12,000 feet altitude and sun-dried, the Oil is Extracted using clean CO2 supercritical technology, which helps to hold all the nutrient properties of the fruit. This lovely, red-orange oil is nutrient-rich in palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, carotenoids, unsaponifiable constituents, sterols, alkanols, and tocopherols. This precious natural moisturizer will quickly absorb into your skin, hair, and scalp, leaving no oily residue. Within a few minutes, it will already be working its magic, feeding your body with vital fatty acids and antioxidants, delivering visible improvements in as little as 48 hours after first use.  

  • Black Castor Oil

    Black Castor Oil is an ancient staple for keeping hair follicles strong and healthy. It is super viscous and generously rich in texture. It has very minimal earthy scent. It is perfect natural hair strengthening and moisturizing oil. strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss allows for better hair and eyelash / eyebrow growth great scalp and hair moisturizer for highly textured hair of course, it is CRUELTY-FREE and VEGAN it has only one ingredient – 100% pure cold-pressed black castor oil for all skin types, great for highly textured hair Black Castor Seed Oil is an ancient staple for keeping hair follicles strong and healthy. It is super viscous and generously rich in texture. It has very minimal earthy scent. It is a perfect natural hair strengthening and moisturizing oil. The only ingredient in our black castor oil is 100% pure oil pressed from organically grown castor seeds (or beans). The soil where Black Castor Oil beans grow are naturally fertilized by the sediments that are brought by rivers flowing and flooding into the Delta of the Nile. Rich, fertile soil of this region does not need chemicals.

  • Organic Brazil Nut Face Oil

    PRODUCT: USDA Organic Certified Pure Brazil Nut Oil with easy use new applicator. Wild-Harvested in Peru. Cold-pressed. Unrefined. Food grade. 30ml / 1 fl oz PROFILE: Brazil Nut Oil is highly effective as a skin emollient, rich in antioxidants for renewal of skin and hair. Brazil nut oil has a luxurious profile, high in Oleic and Linoleic Acids (Omega 9 and 6) as well as Selenium and Vitamin E. It is useful for preventing and treating dry skin and promoting collagen production. Particularly beneficial for mature or dry skin. Light, nutty scent. QUALITY: Candela Peru is a well-established producer of high-quality natural ingredients including Brazil Nut Oil for global cosmetics brands and other carrier oil brands. SUSTAINABILITY: Candela Peru wild-harvest and fair-trade operations promote Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment. Brazil nut trees only grow naturally in the forest biome. Supporting Brazil Nut Oil supports the forests of the Amazon.  Ideal for mature or dry skin.