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Luxurious bath and body products mixed with affordable prices and plastic-free packaging make up the unique mission-driven brand Parrotfish. Created by Katie Pearson Fucci, who credits her passion for an eco-friendly lifestyle stemming from her time working at National Geographic. Parrotfish was born when Katie grew dissatisfied with the existing plastic-free personal care products available. Taking matters into her own hands. Katie developed Parrotfish by seamlessly integrating her passion for artistry, environmental consciousness, clean ingredients, and self-care into a unique and meaningful experience for others.

Sustainability is the core of Parrotfish's brand identity, with Katie investing her passion into every aspect – from carefully selected ingredients to the artistic presentation of each product. The brand’s mission is centered on minimizing environmental impact and making a positive contribution to the planet. By eliminating plastic packaging and harmful ingredients, Parrotfish actively strives to reduce plastic pollution, preserve biodiversity, and address deforestation. And they’re doing it with luxurious and affordable products you will fall in love with.



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