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Vegan Beauty Brands and Products

Why should you use vegan beauty brands, products and cosmetics?


 Vegan beauty products and cosmetics follow high standards of ethical and clean beauty. They are cruelty-free, meaning they are made without the use of animals or animal byproducts, therefore saving millions of animals’ lives. Vegan beauty products do not contain ingredients like beeswax, honey, lanolin, keratin and collagen.


Vegan beauty products and cosmetics are better for the environment because they use ingredients derived from nature, instead of harsh chemicals. Harsh, lab tested ingredients require far more energy, resources, and carbon output than naturally sourced, organically grown ingredients. Vegan companies use recycled plastics, and their packaging is environmentally friendly.

Safer for your whole body

Using vegan beauty products and cosmetics with natural ingredients are not only much safer for your skin, but for your whole body! Your skin absorbs any skincare products straight into your bloodstream. This can have an effect on your internal organs and how you are feeling. Making the switch to vegan products that are derived from plants can help you look and feel better from the inside out. Plants are the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.


Best Vegan Skincare Beauty Brands and Products

  1. Raaka’s World

    Raaka's World is one of the world's leading Vegan Beauty Brands because it reflects belief in a natural, plant-based and Eco-friendly way of life. All their beauty products are 100% vegan.
    Raaka's World Vegan Beauty Brand

  2. Odylique

    We view Odylique as one of the best vegan brands in the world. All their product suppliers follow the non-testing-on-animals policies and abide by Fair Trade standards. All their beauty products are vegan and the ingredients are natural and organic.

    Vegan Beauty brand Odylique
  3. Terres D'Afrique

    TerresD'Afrique is one of our favorite certified organic and vegan brands because it ethically soures their ingredients from some of the best African botanicals.

    Terres D'Afrique vegan brand
  4. Silktage

    We love Silktage and it's produts because their brand is built on a belief that the world's most ancient natural beauty secrets are still most powerful. They use clean and pure ingredients in their cosmetics. They also support human rights and are a strong advocate against child labor and animal testing.

    Silktage best vegan  beauty brand

  5. Shea Yeleen

    Sheal Yeleen is a wonderful beauty brand created to empower women of West Africa. They manufacture high quality vegan shea butter products and support fair trade practices.

    Shea Yeleen Vegan beauty brand

  6. Luxe Botanicals

    Luxe Botanicals is one of our favorite beauty brands from South Africa. We love this company because they produce high quality and high performance products and make them with the planet's best botanicals.

    Luxe Botanicals Vegan brand

  7. Katari Beauty

    Katari Beauty is a unique company that uses best artisans to create the purest, most effective skin and hair care products. They also create their own packaging from hand blown glass, wood, and cork to eliminate the use of plastics.

    Katari Beauty Vegan Products

  8. Ayr Skin Care

    Ayr Skin Care is one of the best pure, clean and vegan brands in the world, cultivated and manufactured with an ethical process. They make a difference to your skin and also make a difference for the world.

    Ayr Skincare Vegan Beauty Company

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