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Nuele Hair Care


NUELE hair products give you the flexibility to have it all - healthy, shiny, well nourished and manageable hair that wants to be straight one day and curly the next. Haircare Beauty Products with chemical relaxers and keratin treatments are a thing of the past. NUELE was created by women who sought a healthier, nourished, easy-to-manage hair, the organic and natural way.

In addition, they considered the haircare product's larger purpose. The organic natural ingredients they use have to come from somewhere. The answer came from places like Ghana and Morocco, where local female farmers already harvest the ingredients necessary to make NUELE. As a result of producing NUELE ingredients, these female farmers are also boosting their local economies. They're able to take care of their children, feed them, send them to school. As they extract oils from seeds and plants in their local area, these women feel valued in their work. By purchasing NUELE, you know that women's livelihoods are being positively impacted.

FUN FACT: NUELE is Swahili for "your hair is vibrant, gorgeous and powerful."

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