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Organic Face Scrubs and Masks, Natural and Clean

Check out our collection of clean, natural, nourishing organic face scrubs and masks. Our beauty products are made with fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients that work gently to improve your skin tone on any skin type, whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin. According to many beauty experts, you can achieve ageless, plump, glowing skin by exfoliating all year round. If you look into any beauty expert's routine, you'll find regular exfoliation. Natural masks greatly benefit your skin because they exfoliate by breaking down dead cells and drawing impurities from deep within pores. A gentle and non-toxic, chemical-free natural scrub removes dead skin cells by hand.
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Kakao Hydra Mask
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    Benefits of organic and clean face scrubs and masks

    Face masks and scrubs are wonderful for your skin because of many reasons.
    1. improve your skin tone and texture by making it smooth and soft.
    2. help you remove dead skin cells, oils that build up on the surface, dirt and bacteria.
    3. prevent ingrown hairs
    4. reduce the chances of pore clogging and therefore acne breakouts
    5. reduce acne scars by promoting growth of new skin cells
    6. help fight the signs of aging by rejuvenating your skin
    7. having great skin can improve self esteem

    Masks and scrubs absorb faster into your skin and this is why choosing organic and natural products is the best choice for your skin and health. Many non-organic masks and scrubs contain harsh chemicals that many cause skin irritations, redness, inflammation and even allergic reaction. These chemicals seep into your system through your pores in your skin and further pollute your body.

    Our products are hand made supporting farmers in South Africa, Ghana, India, Israel and Morocco with companies who comply with fair trade practices.

    Organic Beauty Products Certifications Guidelines

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