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The Benefits of Zinc and Mineral Based Sunscreen this Summer

Why is it important to use a mineral based SPF? 

Using a mineral based sunscreen is a blessing to your skin - but also to the Earth. In 2015, news broke that the Oxybenzone in traditional SPF sunscreen not only poses a significant health threat to us, but that it is also incredibly toxic to corals and other marine life. The chemically-made skincare UV filters are toxic and have been proven to generate significant negative effects on corals and other marine life even at concentrations as low as 62 parts per trillion.

When we swim or shower, sunscreen may wash off and enter our waterways, and the negative effects this can have on marine life and the environment are many. Listed below are some of the detrimental impact traditional SPF cause every day.

Green Algae: can impair growth and photosynthesis, resulting in mass killing.
Coral: Chemicals from SPF accumulate in coral tissues. This can induce bleaching, damage DNA, deform the young, and even kill them. 
Sea Urchins: Oxybenzone and other chemicals can damage immune and reproductive systems, and deform the young.
Fish: Chemicals can decrease fertility and reproduction, and DNA changes such as female characteristics in male fish.
Dolphins: Harmful substances can accumulate in tissue and be transferred to the young.

Considering these incredibly negative effects on oceanic life, many beach hotspots have since 2015 approximately started to ban certain ingredients from their waters, to preserve their rich marine environment. 

Traditional SPF chemicals also have detrimental effects on our health, such as: 
• Skin allergies 
• Hormone disruption 
• Harmful to children’s health 
• Skin Cancer 
• Endocrine disruption
• Harm and disruption to Reproductive System 

So.. let’s take a look at how we can all stay healthy and kind to the earth this summer, with a clean and healthy conscience - and skin!

How does Zinc and Mineral Based Broad Spectrum SPF work? 

Zinc oxide is a mineral compound that is used in sunscreens for its ability to provide broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. 

• Zinc ensures prolonged protection to sunlight because it does not break down or degrade. 
• It isn’t harmful in the sense that it provides a physical barrier by sitting on the skin’s surface without being directly absorbed into the skin, causing less irritation, allergic reactions and immediate protection. 
• Zinc protects against these UVA rays, which can prematurely age the skin and cause sunburn. Unlike chemical sunscreens that absorb UV radiation and transform it into heat within the skin, mineral based or zinc sunscreen  reflects and scatters the UV rays away from the skin, gently releasing them. 
• Because of its protective efficiency, Zinc and mineral based sunscreens are perfect for children as well. It is a safe option for the delicate skin of young ones against harmful chemical absorption and UV rays. 

How do I spot a good, harmless ZInc and Mineral Based Broad Spectrum SPF?



First of all, whatever sunscreen you use, be sure to check ALL the ingredients. 
Make sure to read your sunscreen's label and AVOID:

• Oxybenzone
• Avobenzone
• Octinoxate
• Homosalate
• Octocrylene
• Dioxybenzone
• Octisalate
• Fragrance and Perfume. 

Remember that a strong SPF is only as good as the ingredients contained within AND how it's applied.  You can still get burned with an SPF50 if you don't apply sufficient amounts or apply frequently, especially after swimming and perspiration. On the flip side, a lower SPF could be used, but if it's applied as directed, sun damage can be avoided - along with being overall "sun smart". A higher SPF can also mean a higher concentration of ingredients you don’t want on your skin, as they can be carcinogenic, cause allergies or disrupt hormones and the reproductive system. 

If you opt for a full spectrum, mineral sunscreen free of any of the ingredients listed above,  and you apply it appropriately, you’ll be just fine! Try to avoid direct sun at peak hours, wear a hat and other appropriate clothing to go with your sustainable and conscious SPF choice. 

Our sustainable Zinc and Mineral Based Broad Spectrum SPF Brands 

LĀ SOL Collective

LĀ SOL Collective is Dermatologist Recommended. As a clean, mineral based skincare brand, LA SOL is all about  environmentally friendly non-toxic ingredients that protect your skin and the planet. Angela and Staci founded LA SOL in Southern California, as they grew tired of worrying about the harmful chemicals in most sunscreens they purchased for their families. 

Free of Oxybenzone, all LĀ SOL products - ranging from SPF for the face to Lip balms and sticks - are reef-friendly - and don’t leave a heavy white cast on your skin.



Earth Harbor

Earth Harbor harnesses the power of the ocean and the earth to create sustainable and good-for-you products. Totally vegan and organic, their ECLIPSE Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is loaded with beautiful ingredients for you and the ocean: Zinc oxide, Macroalgae and Green tea extract are just some of them.

Tierra and Lava

By far one of our favorite Beautyologie must-haves is Tierra and Lava's mineral based sunscreen, that you can keep with you in your purse when you're on the go.

Reef-safe, water and sweat resistant, this portable and effective sunscreen encapsulates the essence of Tierra & Lava: passionate about botanicals, minerals, and all things natural to help you embody your inner goddess.



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