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Infuse: the Power of Yerba Mate in Skincare

If you know South America, you know Yerba Mate. Mate is a must-have drink ritual in Argentina, Uruguay - and many other South American countries - that accompanies social gatherings and brings people together on the daily. With each pass of the gourd, you are participating in a legacy of connection and warmth that transcends time.


Mate as a beverage is obtained from the caffeinated leaves of South American plant Yerba Mate, which can also be a potent skin-care ingredient. 

Infuse Skin Care takes these powerful leaves and blends them into cutting-edge skincare products. Infuse Skin Care screams originality from the get go: its goal is to add to the awareness of the skincare benefits of sipping Yerba Mate by enhancing the versatile ways in which Yerba Mate can be applied topically on the skin for further benefits.  

Infuse is unique in its skincare proposal. When founder Lara Schmoisman, who grew up in Argentina, was struggling to find skin care products that would take advantage of this magical ingredient, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Infuse's Yerba Mate Skin Care is transformative, especially for mature skin types. It helps to quickly and naturally tighten and lift the skin, and is the best caffeine fix you can ask for.

We’ve had a quick chat with Lara, who told us everything about Infuse and her love for Yerba Mate in skin care. 

Interview with Lara Schmoisman

How did you decide to create your brand Infuse?

Creating Infuse was a journey inspired by my own heritage and a moment of revelation. Growing up in Argentina, I witnessed the timeless beauty of my grandmothers, who sipped yerba mate daily. That memory stuck with me, and when I faced my own skincare struggles, it clicked – I had to infuse that heritage into a brand that celebrates aging gracefully.

Infuse tackles mature skin types. How are your products unique in the skincare beauty industry? What sets them apart from other anti-aging products?

Infuse isn't just another skincare brand – it's a celebration of mature skin. Our products stand out in the beauty industry because they're not just about anti-aging; they're about embracing every line, wrinkle, and memory that comes with time. We blend the power of yerba mate with cutting-edge science to create solutions that nourish, protect, and celebrate mature skin like never before.



What does Yerba Mate do to mature skin?

Yerba Mate is a game-changer for mature skin. It's like a superfood for your complexion, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that revitalize and rejuvenate. From reducing the appearance of fine lines to boosting radiance, yerba mate infuses your skin with the vitality it craves, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed.

What is your product-making process?

Our product-making process is a labor of love, rooted in quality, integrity, and innovation. From sourcing the finest ingredients to meticulous formulation and testing, we ensure that every Infuse product meets our rigorous standards for effectiveness. It's a journey from nature to bottle, with each step infused with care and expertise.

What are your brand's main principles?

At Infuse, our brand's main principles are simple yet powerful: celebrate aging, embrace individuality, and prioritize results. We believe that beauty knows no age limit and that skincare should be about more than just looking younger – it should be about feeling confident, comfortable, and empowered in the skin you're in. With Infuse, it's not just about skincare; it's about a mindset shift, a celebration of life's journey, and the beauty of every stage.

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