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Soursop (Annona muricata)

Soursop is a prickly, tropical green fruit which contains nutrients with healing benefits to help reduce inflammation in the skin. It heals skin conditions such as acne and eczema, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, relieves dry skin, itching and helps prevent hair loss and improves overall body, skin and hair health.

Soursop also known as Annona muricata is a member of the Annonaceae family, commonly known as the custard apple family. Its fruit is large and oval-shaped, and it grows on trees. The green shell contains spines as well as white, fibrous flesh. They can grow to a length of 8 inches and weigh 10 pounds.


Soursop skincare lotion and serum


Traditionally, it has been used to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions. Because of its high nutritional content, it offers a number of health benefits. Fruits like soursop contain phytonutrients that can help fight disease-causing cells. The phytonutrients in these foods have antioxidant properties, which aid in improving general health. The use of these substances contributes to the prevention of cancer, the improvement of eye health, and the treatment of various infections, among others.

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    In addition to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C, which is abundant in soursop, has also been found to boost immunity. By strengthening your immune system, you will be able to better protect against illnesses. Moreover, it promotes the breakdown of free radicals, which can protect your skin and cells from environmental oxidative damage.

    Soursop (both the fruit and the leaves) also contains

    • phytosterols (natural product compounds that block absorption of cholesterol)
    • tannins (known for their anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties)
    • flavonoids (known to be antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral)

    These antioxidants are good for your overall health and can prevent a number of illnesses.

    Anti-aging soursop drops with Rosehip oil

    Soursop Benefits for Skin, Hair and Immune System

    1. Reduces inflammation.
      By fighting free radicals, antioxidants prevent your cells from being damaged by oxidative stress. Inflammation is one of the detrimental effects of oxidative stress. Due to these antioxidants in soursop, it may help to reduce inflammation in the body.

    2. Helps with Dry Skin.
      Dry skin can be effectively treated with soursop's moisturizing properties. The saponins and antioxidants help the skin to glow naturally and healthily. To treat dry skin, apply soursop based oil regularly.

    3. Used to prevent and heal eczema.
      Soursop's antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties also help prevent and treat skin infections such as eczema.

    4. Promotes healthy skin.
      Your skin's radiance depends on vitamin C and ascorbic acid. This super fruit is rich in both of these nutrients. Ascorbic acid and vitamin C can be beneficial in the treatment of hyperpigmented skin and the promotion of healthy, glowing skin.

    5. Prevents Wrinkles and fine lines.
      Incorporating sourosop into your daily skincare routine can help prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of ageing. Soursop has a high concentration of antioxidants that fight free radicals that contribute to the signs of aging.

      Soursop reduces wrinkles and has anti aging properties

    6. Helps heal and regenerate skin.
      Because of its antibacterial properties, soursop is one of the most effective treatments for acne. It helps heal and regenerate the skin.

    7. Relieves itching.
      Soursop is an excellent treatment for itchy skin because of its antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. By applying soursop regularly, you will be able to relieve itching and promote healthy skin.

    8. Helps prevent hair loss and rids of dandruff.
      Soursop leaves contain antiparasite properties. From dandruff to hair loss, split ends to rough, damaged hair, and even grey hair, soursop extract or oil can help. The vitamin C in soursop strengthens the hair, preventing damage and hair loss.

    9. Promotes healthy scap.
      Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, soursop (guanabana) oil can be used on hair and scalp to reduce oil production, promote healthy skin, and make hair healthier and more voluminous.

      Soursop Tea Scalp Tonic for Hair Repair

    10.  Repairs Skin. In addition to replenishing moisture, Soursop Oil helps to rebuild and repair the skin.

    11. Strengthens Hair. Additionally, it strengthens the hair. Your daily routine should include products based on soursop.

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