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Jenette Serrins, a Skincare Virtuoso

Jenette Serrins Skin Care

Jenette Serrins is the owner/founder developer/alchemist of Jenette Skin Care, Inc and Being in LA wellness spa, both very popular with celebrity clients. For more than 20 years, Jenette has been the lead celebrity esthetician at Being in LA, a sacred space of vibrational skincare bliss in Los Angeles.

Jenette is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge regarding botanicals that have been used for centuries. She also is an expert in the potency and miraculous properties of herbs and natural ingredients. Most importantly, she’s a virtuoso at alchemizing all of this bounty into exceptional, sophisticated, and all-natural skincare solutions. 

Celebrity Skin Care

As a native Angeleno, I was surprised to have only stumbled across Jenette’s Skin Care and her tranquil spa a little more than a year ago, especially considering her reputation for the best facial in town is legendary. Rachel McAdamsEmma Watson, and celebrity MUA Katey Denno all trust Jenette with their skin treatments.

Holistic Approach to Skin Care

In 2011, after years of creating customized facials for high-profile clients, Jenette began formulating her own clean beauty products with a focus on pure ingredients and exceptional effectiveness in healing common skin conditions. Her unique integration of Eastern and Western holistic medicine evolved into a luxurious all-natural skincare line that currently includes 15 products.

Jenette Serrins skincare

Jenette Skincare products featured:

I’m honored to offer her pure, results-driven, and sustainable products on this site. Learn more about Jenette’s inspiration below!

Interview with Jenette Serrins

Why did you start your business? 

To allow my clients, friends, and family to truly take care of their skin in a healthy manner at home. There is only so much I can offer in the facial treatment room, because they need to have support at home. This is how I can help them maintain and continue the results I am giving them on a monthly basis. Most of what I find out there in the beauty world ends up trapping too much oil or moisture into the skin, therefore not allowing the skin to breathe. On the flipside there are alsoanti-acne products that strip and rob your skin, leaving it dry, dull and ultimately damaged. For me, Skincare should give results, with clean ingredients that matter, becuase you see and feel a difference immediately!

Ethical Beauty

What does ethical beauty mean to you?

Ethical beauty to me is practicing what you preach every step of the way, first and foremost. Moreover, to create a clean skin or beauty company, you must be a conscious consumer with daily routines of sustainable living habits. With Jenette Skin Care we think outside the box, therefore we do not need a box. It’s what inside the bottle that matters. For instance, we make everything and only preserve our line in glass, never plastic! We source all our ingredients from clean soiled crops around the world, never using anything that could jeopardize mother earth. And thus this is ethical beauty.

 How do you hope to change the beauty landscape for the better?

I truly hope to educate my clients, customers, community and followers to live a more complete and sustainable life, questioning their purchases and what they are eating and putting on their skin daily. I would love to encourage companies to create programs and incentives for customers to refill their bottles or purchase larger sizes to refill their smaller bottles. For instance, we do this at my spa, Being in LA for whatever we are able. Right now we offer a refill station for all of my toners and elixirs. And this is where our world needs to move towards, and get back to shopping at local farmers markets, composting, buying in bulk-and sharing this with our friends!

Customer Review

This customer quote says it all:

"It’s really hard to pick just one hero product from Jenette’s line because they are all so good, but for me this is it. I’ve used Potion 2 almost daily for the past 3 years and I notice a difference when I run out and have to stop. I repurchase again and again. I am so happy with my skin and can’t be without my Potion!! -Tabitha ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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