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Meet the Women Who Make Moringaia Possible

Moringaia Women

The skincare company Moringaia is a mission with a brand, not the other way around. Created by siblings Elah Barshi and Ben-Yam Barshi along with their parents, Moringaia is sustainable line of Moringa oil products sourced from the Dominican Republic.

Moringa oil is widely known to be beneficial for the skin and hair due to its rich content of vitamins (A&E), antioxidants (Quercetin, Chlorogenic Acid), and fatty acids (Omega-9 Olecic Acid, Omega-3 and Omega-6). It helps moisturize and nourish the skin, promoting a healthy complexion and reduces dryness.

What isn’t as widely known is that moringa trees flourish in drought stricken areas where deforestation is rampant. The roots of the Moringa tree help hold the earth to prevent mudslides, while also attracting pollinators and providing shade. The National Library of Medicine states that the Moringa tree is also an effective parasitic diseases inhibiter in livestock and plants, as well as a good water purifier.

Living on the island of the Dominican Republic, Ben-Yam Barshi witnessed the dry, unharvested areas of their homeland and had the idea to plant moringa trees to not only combat deforestation, but provide jobs to the local community. The nourishing oil that the moringa trees provided was a bonus that has also given a group of local female producers the opportunity to work for this empowering brand all in the name of beauty.

This is Moringaia; a transparently sustainable brand created not just for individual enjoyment, but for the collective wellbeing of an entire country. Neither could be possible without the people who make it possible. Moringaia believes it's important for consumers to know #whomadetheirbeautyproducts. Elah put together this photo shoot to shine a light on the women behind the bottles and thank them for being part of their cause. Learn more about them here:


has worked with the Moringaia team for almost 10 years. She is drawn to the spiritual connection Moringaia allows her to have with nature.

Moringaia Fresh Bloom Moringa Oil

Favorite product: Fresh Bloom Serum  

Target: Dry skin. Expect to be swept off your feet. Moisturizing with anti-aging properties, this luxury face serum naturally contains Vitamin E and encapsulates all beneficial properties of Moringa seed Oil. Plus a pinch of floral essence.


STEFANIE loves books and research. She is an accounting graduate. 

Moringaia Glassy Waves Lip Balm

Favorite product: Glassy Waves Lip Balm 

Target: Containing Moringa seed Oil, beeswax and Cacao, this lip balm is the perfect minimalist but nourishing solution. While Moringa oil moisturizes your lips, Cacao softens the feeling and beeswax protects your lips from dryness. 


IBANA is passionate about adventure and new things.

Favorite Product: Fresh Bloom Serum ...just like Juana!

Rose Moringaia

ROSA is a Systems engineer and passionate about details and decor.

Moringaia Miracle Oil

Favorite product: Miracle Oil

Target: All skin types. Unfragranced. Made exclusively with Moringa seed Oil, and naturally packed with Omega 9 (Oleic Acid) for moisture and plump. Vitamin E provides protection. Made with over 500 Moringa Seeds in each bottle. Can be used on your face, body, and hair.

Since we love a good mission-driven marketing campaign, we asked Moringaia’s Co-Founder Elah to tell us more about it:

Elah Barshi

What does this campaign mean to Moringaia?

On a personal level, this campaign is very close to my heart. It is the embodiment of our brand philosophy. The models are the women who manufacture all of the Moringaia products in our lab. From processing raw ingredients to making prototypes, bottling, and packaging products, these are the women who make Moringaia. While Miracle Oil is our star ingredient, they are the real champions. 

In the discourse on sustainability in the beauty and CPG space, there's a lot of focus on the packaging -- but this is just one of the elements to take into consideration. Building a sustainable brand is about the entire supply chain, and we believe consumers should know who made their beauty products and where. 

How was this team created?

Being on the north coast of the Dominican Republic along the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by lush greenery, waterfalls, and rivers, there is an inherent connection to nature. Everyone on our team is from the area, has deep roots in the land, and strongly believes in our mission. Some team members have been with us for almost ten years as the company has evolved and entered different phases.

The Moringaia team is primarily female. Why is it so?

We offer opportunities to those who show creativity and determination. The team, being primarily female, is simply a reflection of these values. They all come from different backgrounds, including engineering and accounting, and have a passion for health and beauty. As the team grows, we look for people who share these common goals and vision.

Moringaia was born as a consequence to a bigger cause. Can you tell us more about how the idea of the brand developed?

Moringaia began as a mission to give back to the local community in the Dominican Republic and the planet, which led to the creation of our single-pressed Moringa oil-based formulas. 

We're a mission with a brand, not a brand with a mission. It all began when the brand founder, Ben-Yam Barshi, visited one of the island's most deforested and drought-stricken areas and saw how the Moringa tree grew strong. It became clear to Ben-Yam that for the benefit of both people and the planet, more Moringa trees needed to be planted, and he set out to make a product that would create a demand for Moringa in rural communities. The rest of the family joined in on the mission, and today, the company is 50% female-owned.

How do you think the beauty industry could take better care of the ingredient producers and farmers responsible for many of the ingredients used in beauty products?

The first thing we can all start doing is asking more questions about the supply chain. Knowledge is the power to make a change.

What is Moringaia's beauty mantra?

Health is beauty.

What do you think has been your biggest win with Moringaia?

Our achievements are measured by how many trees we've planted and how many communities have been positively affected by our activities. Seeing deforested areas being planted with Moringa will always be our biggest win.

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