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National Fair Trade Month October 2021

October is National Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade Month is about supporting businesses that are fair trade certified. Fair Trade businesses seek to create a more equal international trade system through increased respect and transparency. This puts an emphasis on trading fairly with businesses from developing countries. During this month, Americans are encouraged to #FindFairTrade through stores in their own communities or by purchasing through Fair Trade partners online.

How Can I Observe Fair Trade Month


During the month of October, search social media #FindFairTrade and use your purchasing power to support those businesses. You can also do a search for a list of retail stores and online shops.

Share fair trade resources

The actual definition of fair trade is confusing to many. Share resources from the Fair Trade Federation on your social media page or in your community to help others learn.

Join the Fair Trade Federation

If you are a business owner, you can become a member online. This membership comes with benefits like a business community, annual conference, and other leadership opportunities.


Myths about Fair Trade

It's Charity

Fair Trade is not a charity. Fair Trade is a global movement that makes sustainable development goals for small businesses, such as local farmers and artisans, a reality. It is about providing quality products, improving lives, and protecting the environment.

It's more pricey

Most fair trade items are competitively priced with American goods that are also handmade.

It takes away U.S. jobs

Most of the products and services offered through fair trade are not generally available in the U.S. These unique products represent diversity, and culture, and are not replacing US products and services.


Why Should I Support Fair Trade Month?

It supports a fair system

The Fair Trade Federation is a non-profit trade association that provides support to and promotes US businesses that they recognize as being entirely committed to the principles of fair trade. The business is held accountable for operating under a higher standard of respect and transparency.

It's about creating opportunity

The fair trade system spreads this opportunity to developing nations and business people. This helps business owners and entrepreneurs in developing countries have a chance to succeed in creating their own business and well-being.

It's fun!

While searching for new businesses that are Fair Trade certified, you'll find all kinds of unique, international products, cultures, and ways of life that you may not normally find.


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