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Ready Set Jet: A "Beauty with Purpose" Brand that Brings New Meaning to the Word Multitasking

It's pretty evident the world doesn't need another beauty brand. Just browsing the overflowing kaleidoscopic shelves of Sephora or maneuvering through Ulta's maze-like website of lotions, potions, balms, glosses, and more is enough to short circuit even the most beauty literate. However, when there's a social impact behind the birth of a brand that demonstrates how beauty can be more than skin deep, that's beauty on another level entirely.

That's why I've been telling everyone I know about Ready Set Jet —a new “beauty with purpose” brand comprised of mix-n-match, multitasking skincare and makeup batons for women either on-the-go or at home who prefer a more Marie Kondo-minimalist approach when it comes to their product regime.


I'll tell you all about Ready Set Jet's social mission, but first, here's a quick rundown of the initial Beauty Baton Collection:

Ready Set Jet

The Hydrate and Glow Baton has a skin Glowing, Exfoliation Scrub on one side and a Hydrating Face Balm on the other.

The Cleanse and Prime Baton pairs a purple-hued Blurring Primer with a trendy, eco-friendly waterless cleanser/ makeup remover.

Ready Set Jet
Ready Set Jet

The Sculpt and Shine Baton is a Contouring Complexion Stick on one end and a Pearlescent Highlighter on the opposite.

Highly pigmented multi-tasking Lip and Cheek Stain Sticks in shades of berry and pink are available add-ons that can twist on to any existing baton, and when you need to replace your Hydrating Face Balm or Waterless Cleanser, they're also available as an add-on purchase to use with your existing baton middle.

ready-set-jet-1 ready-set-jet-2 ready-set-jet-3 ready-set-jet-4 ready-set-jet-5

All these skin goodies are housed in minimal, reusable packaging and formulated with good-for-your skin antioxidant ingredients including Golden Seaweed and Marine Fennel.

Aside from all this slick, enticing coolness, here's where Ready Set Jet gets beauty entrepreneur and women’s empowerment advocate, Shalini Vadhera, created Ready Set Jet's products as a means to uplift underprivileged girls and women in the slums and villages of India.


Shalini demonstrating the Ready Set Jet makeup collection to a group of girls on a recent trip to Mumbai, India (pre-covid)

Using the half a trillion dollar global beauty industry as a catalyst for real change, Vadhera figured out how to use part of the products' proceeds to fund the Ready Set Jet Academy, a virtual and in person space in India that will give this marginalized demographic the tools to gain financial and professional freedom by becoming economic players in the beauty industry, a world Shalini has been passionate about forever (she's a former celebrity MUA and oh yeah, and she created a $21 million dollar beauty brand, which she sold in 2010 called Global Goddess).

The students, most of whom consist of acid attack survivors, burn victims, widows, orphans, girls who have fallen into human trafficking and LBGT members, will learn job training and leadership skills, technology for educational and business advancement, and beauty certification to break their cycle of poverty. Upon completion of the academy, these girls and women will be able to start working as professional make-up artists in the wedding, spa and salon industries, or as entrepreneurs ready to start their own ventures. Considering most of this community is destined to a life of squalor and servitude, this will be a life-changing opportunity once the world opens up after the pandemic.

Knowing that information, wouldn't you be more inclined to spend your $ on a Ready Jet Set Lip & Cheek Stain instead of a Kylie Lip Kit???

In late 2017, Vadhera received the Mahatma Gandhi Award for her work in leadership and women’s empowerment that she implemented with Power Beauty Living, a platform she launched in 2015 at the United Nations to share the knowledge of top female thought leaders and experts around the world for women to reach their full potential. Soon after, high-level officials in India reached out to Vadhera, asking her to use her platform to help the girls of India.

I'm not making this shit up.

Ready Set Jet Vadhera

When U.S. born Vadhera was 19, her strict Indian father put her a plane headed to India, gave her $2,500 and told her to start her own business. This not only instilled the importance of hard work and entrepreneurship in Vadhera, it created an unstoppable force who has since earned a resume and list of accolades I can't even begin to rattle off. (Oprah's coveted Beauty "O-Ward" was one of them!) Believe me, this women is legit and so is her mission. She thought, what better way to give back to the disenfranchised female community of India than to educate them on how to succeed in the global marketplace? By turning Power Beauty Living into a non-profit, she was able to make this lofty dream into a real attainable goal.

And that is what the Ready Set Jet brand is all about…empowering a girl and changing the world. So, visit and pass the baton.

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