• 'Pakal' Bundle

    ‘Pakal’ is the Mayan term for ‘shield,’ which is representative of our three-deodorant bundle that protects your underarm skin from odor-causing bacteria. These deodorants will leave your armpits feeling and smelling fresh. Formulated with only natural botanicals and minerals, and free of harmful or irritating chemicals and artificial fragrances, our deodorants leave your skin nourished. Copal & Lemongrass Deodorant: Copal and lemongrass possess powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and work together to help eradicate the bacteria in armpits that cause unwanted odor. Not only do they help eliminate the odor, but they also leave armpits with a fresh, natural, and herbal aroma that is unisex. Our copal is wild harvested from the Mayan village of Uaxactún. Our lemongrass, which is a traditional scent of Mesoamérica, comes directly from our garden. Mayan Black Salt & Ylang Ylang Deodorant: Tierra & Lava's Mayan Black salt is extracted by families in the Guatemalan Highlands using over 100 year-old traditions. The painstaking process takes weeks to complete, and the knowledge of the sacred practice is waning. Salt has effective anti-bacterial properties and draws out impurities from your skin, which is especially important in your armpit, where the skin can be very sensitive. Ylang Ylang essential oil adds an exotic floral scent and works to balance the sebum in your skin. Chamomile & Neem Deodorant: Harvested from Tierra & Lava's garden, they infuse fresh chamomile blossoms in coconut oil for over 6 weeks to extract the optimum essence. Chamomile acts as a soothing, hypo-allergenic and anti-inflammatory agent. Neem and coconut oil possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that helps eradicate the bacteria in armpits that cause unwanted odor and helps protect and moisturize skin. Perfect for those with more sensitive skin, it is baking soda-free.  

  • All-Natural Soap Set Bundle

    These all-natural soaps are handmade by women in Bangladesh that been granted a fresh start at life after escaping human trafficking. For a limited time, get a discounted bundle of 4 scents including: Lemon Citrus, Orange Clove, Orange Turmeric, and Cinnamon Spice.  

  • Amrutini Overnight Oasis Luminosity Dewdrops

    Plump • Illuminate • Hydrate A promise in a bottle, this elixir works while you sleep, to restore skin radiance. Its power lies in the fusion of precious botanicals from the Indian sub-continent like golden Muga silk (known for its exquisite luster), proven synthetics such as Hyaluronic Acid, and the precision of transformative technological processes like biotransformation. The accompanying copper-crusted silk cocoons complete the treatment - providing gentle, yet effective exfoliation. Time, stress, blue-light exposure, excessive exfoliation – there are so many factors that can leave the skin feeling dull, damaged or parched. It needs to soak up moisture and get an intense boost of nutrition. The Luminosity Dewdrops is crafted to quench your skin with its hydrating, plumping and healing properties. The gentle exfoliation with copper-crusted silk cocoons (1-2 times/ week) is the finishing touch to an indulgent, illuminating ritual. Amrutini is our take on the classic martini - a perfected concoction of ancient rituals, precious ingredients and cutting-edge technology purposefully designed so you wake up with a gorgeous glow.    

  • Amrutini Precious Potion Vital Cream

    Strengthen • Repair • Plump This daily-use, soft moisturizer fuses rare, regional ingredients from the Indian sub-continent, such as golden Muga silk (known for its resilience and exquisite luster) and Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial tea, along with powerful scientific processes like biotransformation - to strengthen, nourish and revitalize your skin. This potion is inspired by the time-honored tradition of Shata Dhauta Ghrita (hundred times washed ghee) where copper’s therapeutic qualities lend themselves to an alchemical process that promises youth and vitality. As we age, our skin becomes more fragile, and loses its inherent strength and elasticity. The fine lines we tend to target are simply the symptom. Therefore, with Amrutini Precious Potion, we focus on intense nourishment, and rebuilding skin’s inherent strength and firmness, leaving it feeling truly rejuvenated while reducing the appearance of fine lines.    

  • Amrutini True Brew Transforming Serum

    Strengthen • Firm • Restore The True Brew Transforming Serum is a daily-use, silky nectar that fuses rare, regional botanicals from the Indian sub-continent, such as golden Muga silk (known for its resilience and exquisite luster) and Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial tea, along with powerful scientific processes like biotransformation – to lovingly heal, restore and strengthen your skin. This potent cocktail is inspired by the time-honored tradition of Shata Dhauta Ghrita, or hundred times washed ghee, where copper’s therapeutic qualities lend themselves to an alchemical process that promises youth and vitality. As we age, our skin becomes more fragile, and loses its inherent strength and elasticity. The fine lines we tend to target are simply the symptom. Therefore, we created this high-powered, revitalizing serum that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers and helps restore its youth, elasticity and strength. Let Amrutini® True Brew Transforming Serum’s intense, yet fast-absorbing formula do the healing.    

  • Andean Mint Essential Oil

    100% Pure Sustainably Sourced Andean Mint Essential Oil. Known locally as Muña. Steam-Distilled. AROMA: Refreshing, crisp and herbaceous. SPECIES: An aromatic species native to the Peruvian Andes, Andean Mint (Minthostachys mollis) is traditionally used as a digestive aid, respiratory ailments and to counteract altitude sickness. This species is only distilled by EOP. AROMATHERAPY: Refreshing and invigorating. Refreshes the environment and eliminates bad odors. Useful for times of stress and headaches. SKIN AND HAIR CARE: An exotic and unique alternative to peppermint with a related profile. Beneficial ingredient in toners, facial cleansers and shampoos thanks to its brightening, Acne-controlling as well as circulation and hair growth stimulating effects. PURITY: All Essential Oils Peru products are of the finest quality and 100% pure, never diluted or chemically modified.  

  • Argan Rosehip Rollerball

    Rich, nourishing, luxurious blend of Organic Argan oil and Rosehip oil infused with Geranium essential oil provides instant hydration and age-defying benefits to dehydrated, dryness around the eyes, wrinkles, fine lines and skin discoloration. These precious, time-proven oils in a roll-on allow you to target and rejuvenate problem areas with powerful antioxidants, vitamin E, C and essential fatty acids to restore the skin’s radiance and youthful glow. The cooling roller is ideal for treating under-eye bags and puffiness. For centuries, Argan Oil and Rose Hip oils have been renowned for their repairing and rejuvenating properties. Our Argan Oil and Rosehip are pure, organic, expeller pressed, hexane-free, sustainably harvested, fairly traded ingredients. No Silicones, Parabens, Chemicals, Preservatives, Hexane-Free, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free • Gluten-Free • Vegan Made With Certified Organic Ingredients Fair Trade Ingredients • Please Recycle BENEFITS: Nourish and hydrate dry skin Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Help smooth crow’s feet and crepiness around the eyes Soften laugh lines Reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles Brighten dull complexion Even skin tone and age spots Day and night moisturizer Metal rollerball to increase skin circulation Perfect for travel  

  • Argil Mediterranean Green Clay Facial Masque

    Great for any skin type and wonderful for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. HOW TO USE: Argil green clay can be used daily as a spot treatment on blemishes, breakouts and blackheads / whiteheads to draw them out and purify pores. And it can be used 1-2 times a week as a complete facial masque.

  • Aurora Radiance Discovery Kit

    Revive your natural glow with our Aurora Radiance Discovery Kit. Perfect for lackluster and environmentally damaged skin, this kit features an introduction to our reparative, Vitamin C rich, CAMU Brightening and replenishing MARULA Hydrating lines. Overflowing with active antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this hyper-targeted selection is scientifically formulated to botanically revive your dull and depleted complexion, leaving skin invigorated and vibrant. MARULA Hydrating Pre Cleanser and Camu Brightening Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and soothes, while replenishing the natural oils your skin requires. CAMU Brightening Mist intensely hydrates and nourishes to replenish skin's appearance. Bursting with Vitamin C, CAMU Brightening Serum fuels cellular energy to fade the appearance of dark spots and even out skin tone. For lackluster skin THIS KIT INCLUDES: 15ml | 0.51oz Marula Hydrating Pre Cleanser 15ml | 0.51oz Camu Brightening Cleanser 15ml | 0.51oz Camu Brightening Mist 5ml   | 0.17oz Camu Brightening Serum 7ml   | 0.34oz Camu Brightening Moisturiser 1 Custom LUXE Botanics Aluminium Tin 1 Organic Cotton and Bamboo hand sewn muslin cloth LUXE Botanics features rare and transformational botanicals that have been globally sourced and sustainably harvested to ensure their highest nutrient and antioxidant potency, while supporting local communities and safeguarding the environment. Each botanical has been selected for its purity, scientific performance and clinical efficacy to target specific concerns, balance and protect the skin.

  • Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum

    Awaken Eye Serum’s powerful blend of peptides replenish your skin’s hyaluronate, revealing smooth skin, diminishing wrinkles, and relieving dark circles and/or puffiness. How It Works - Hyaluronic acid, blended with rich marine algae and Omega-3, allows this hydrating eye serum to “wake up” fragile areas around your eyes for a firm, hydrated look and feel, harnessing the power of natural probiotics, green tea, cucumber, pomegranate, and antioxidant-rich caffeine.  

  • Baby Bum Balm

    Tierra & Lava's handcrafted small-batch Bum Balm ointment provides long lasting protection and relief from skin chaffing for any age, from newborns to adults. Pediatrician and Dermatologist approved. Coconut oil is cold-pressed from the Rio Dulce area of Guatemala. This oil is gentle and nourishing. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic properties and has been proven with documented studies to relieve and protect itchy, red or irritated skin. Our soothing chamomile infusion takes up to 6 weeks to carefully prepare and the end result is a divinely natural scented versatile product well-worth the wait.  This balm is formulated to absorb well into the skin, so it doesn’t leave a thick residue. It is free of any artificial colorants or fragrances, so it doesn’t stain clothes or cloth diapers.  

  • Bakuchiol Nava Age-Defying Face Gel Moisturizer

    Known in Ayurveda as the "Miracle Elixir" - Bakuchiol is the best-kept secret of beauty in Ayurveda. This Ancient, timeless Himalayan plant is loaded with powerful youth-preserving botanicals which leave the skin flawless and smooth. Legend has tales of the Queens sourcing this ingredient from the Himalayan valley to create a magic potion for their beauty rituals.Bakuchiol is its star-active ingredient, 100% natural retinol alternative suitable for sensitive & acne prone-skin. After a month of use of this beautiful & light gel, wrinkles and expression lines are noticeably blurred, returning a fresh and youthful appearance to the face and redefining the facial oval. Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel is a breakthrough alternative to harsh retinols. Formulated with the highest quality 99% pure Himalayan Bakuchiol. This natural retinol alternative has potent skin rejuvenating properties, thereby reducing the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs helps to fight skin stressors and also soothes and comfort the stressed-skin. This gel is laden with antioxidant botanicals that help the skin fight blue light & UV damage caused by digital devices (smartphones, laptops etc.) and other environmental stressors.