• Baby Bum Balm

    Tierra & Lava's handcrafted small-batch Bum Balm ointment provides long lasting protection and relief from skin chaffing for any age, from newborns to adults. Pediatrician and Dermatologist approved. Coconut oil is cold-pressed from the Rio Dulce area of Guatemala. This oil is gentle and nourishing. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic properties and has been proven with documented studies to relieve and protect itchy, red or irritated skin. Our soothing chamomile infusion takes up to 6 weeks to carefully prepare and the end result is a divinely natural scented versatile product well-worth the wait.  This balm is formulated to absorb well into the skin, so it doesn’t leave a thick residue. It is free of any artificial colorants or fragrances, so it doesn’t stain clothes or cloth diapers.  

  • Bakuchiol
    Nava Age-Defying Face Gel Moisturizer

    ________________________________________ ★★★★★"Wrinkles are less noticeable." "Wrinkles have lightened, skin feels and looks supple, absorbs in quickly, non-greasy, Fine lines are less noticeable and it smells divine."  — Laurie G, 43.________________________________________ Nava Age-defying face gel Moisturizer rejuvenates, noticeably plumps, and smooths skin leaving a glowing face with a dewy finish.  Bakuchiol has 6 Superherbs™ -  Bakuchiol  Sea buckthorn Gotu kola Desi Rose Acai Berry Ashwagandha  What is Superherb™?Superherb™ are Rare Himalayan plants & herbs that are specially cultivated by partnered farms and are known for their powerful and potent skin benefits.The high altitude (highest in the world) of the Himalayas has the most unique flora and fauna that produces the most potent Himalayan botanicals. These botanicals have tremendous benefits for your skin & health! :) Born in the Himalayan, indulge in Clean, Pure & Potent skincare. Beauty of Goddess  Known in Ayurveda as the "Miracle Elixir" - Bakuchiol is the best-kept secret of beauty in Ayurveda. This Ancient, timeless Himalayan plant is loaded with powerful youth-preserving botanicals which leave the skin flawless and smooth. Legend has tales of the Queens sourcing this ingredient from the Himalayan valley to create a magic potion for their beauty rituals!  Bakuchiol is its star-active ingredient, 100% natural retinol alternative suitable for sensitive & acne prone-skin. After a month of use of this beautiful & light gel, wrinkles and expression lines are noticeably blurred, returning a fresh and youthful appearance to the face and redefining the facial oval.    The Himalayan Alchemy: Sourced from the harshest and wildest habitats in the Himalayas, this beautifully crafted face Gel is formulated with some rarest and the highest-grade of botanicals. The Fusion of clinically proven ancient herbs with other potent Himalayan ingredients like Bakuchiol & Sea buckthorn makes this a perfect choice to fight acne, wrinkles and provide a great defends against UV and Blue -light damages.    Purity Of Luxury Aroha Oils Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel Moisturizer is an exceptionally potent yet light-textured face gel that incorporates a combination of precious herbs and the power of bakuchiol, which helps to restore firmness of the skin, giving it a natural facelift. Ayurveda speaks of flawless skin as lustrous, smooth, firm, and supple, with a golden sheen on the face and that is exactly what this gel delivers. By leveraging cutting-edge green technology and the knowledge of Ayurveda, we are making skincare products that are gentle, yet uncompromising. This Anti-ageing gel comes in a compact, eco-friendly and reusable glass jar.  Experience natural, Vegan & Potent Anti-ageing skincare with Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel. Fine lines & Wrinkle are things of the past. Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Organic & Natural | Synthetic Fragrance-Free | Non-GMO | Gluten-Free    Naural. Vegan. No Additives. No Parabens. No GMOs. No Sulfates or synthetic fragrances. No artificial dyes. No nasties. All our recipes are backed with intensive research and the time tested science of Ayurveda. We test our products on real people and never test on animals. As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their color and aroma. LUXURY IN EVERY DROP Covered in :

  • Bakuchiol Nava Age-Defying Face Gel Moisturizer

    Known in Ayurveda as the "Miracle Elixir" - Bakuchiol is the best-kept secret of beauty in Ayurveda. This Ancient, timeless Himalayan plant is loaded with powerful youth-preserving botanicals which leave the skin flawless and smooth. Legend has tales of the Queens sourcing this ingredient from the Himalayan valley to create a magic potion for their beauty rituals.Bakuchiol is its star-active ingredient, 100% natural retinol alternative suitable for sensitive & acne prone-skin. After a month of use of this beautiful & light gel, wrinkles and expression lines are noticeably blurred, returning a fresh and youthful appearance to the face and redefining the facial oval. Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel is a breakthrough alternative to harsh retinols. Formulated with the highest quality 99% pure Himalayan Bakuchiol. This natural retinol alternative has potent skin rejuvenating properties, thereby reducing the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs helps to fight skin stressors and also soothes and comfort the stressed-skin. This gel is laden with antioxidant botanicals that help the skin fight blue light & UV damage caused by digital devices (smartphones, laptops etc.) and other environmental stressors.  

  • Baobab Oil Head To Toe

    Baobab seed oil restores luster to skin and hair, delivers long-lasting moisture reducing fine lines, and wrinkles and helps improve hair strength and elasticity. Baobab oil is a nutritive oil that quickly absorbs without clogging pores, locks in moisture, and rejuvenates the driest skin. For hair, Baobab oil helps to improve elasticity and strength. Baobab oil is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, D, E, and Omega 3,6 and, 9 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce skin redness and acne. Its use has been associated with the slowing of collagen breakdown and preventing damage to hair follicles from free radicals. Kaibae Baobab oil is a single-origin oil, 100 % pure cold-pressed in northern Ghana by our harvesting partners in accordance with USDA Organic guidelines and is Non-GMO  Project Verified.   

  • Beautyologie Gift Card

    This gift is guaranteed to please! How Gift Purchases Cards Work As the purchaser, YOU will receive the electronic gift card that you buy.  The gift card information will be sent to you via text and via email. You may forward the text and/or email to the recipient or you may print the card and give it in hard copy. How to Redeem a Gift Card Redeeming a card is super easy!  Just type in the Gift Card Number at checkout.

  • Black Castor Oil

    Black Castor Oil is an ancient staple for keeping hair follicles strong and healthy. It is super viscous and generously rich in texture. It has very minimal earthy scent. It is perfect natural hair strengthening and moisturizing oil. strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss allows for better hair and eyelash / eyebrow growth great scalp and hair moisturizer for highly textured hair of course, it is CRUELTY-FREE and VEGAN it has only one ingredient – 100% pure cold-pressed black castor oil for all skin types, great for highly textured hair Black Castor Seed Oil is an ancient staple for keeping hair follicles strong and healthy. It is super viscous and generously rich in texture. It has very minimal earthy scent. It is a perfect natural hair strengthening and moisturizing oil. The only ingredient in our black castor oil is 100% pure oil pressed from organically grown castor seeds (or beans). The soil where Black Castor Oil beans grow are naturally fertilized by the sediments that are brought by rivers flowing and flooding into the Delta of the Nile. Rich, fertile soil of this region does not need chemicals.

  • Black Seed Oil

    Suitable for all skin types. Black seed is a wonderful at keeping keeping skin naturally clear and free of breakouts. And so much more: powerful skin clearing oil works great on skin rashes and insect bites helps tackle most skin ailments of course, it is VEGAN, & CRUELTY-FREE it has only 1 ingredient - 100% pure cold-pressed oil great for oily skin and breakouts Used since the time of Pharaohs, black seed oil was known to cure 'all but death', as legend has it. It is a powerful free-radical fighting oil. Recent studies have shown that one of the oil's main compounds, thymoquinone, has potential for inhibiting and even killing certain cancer cells. It does wonders for acne-prone skin. Black Seed Oil has been found in King Tutt's tomb and is considered for millennia a very potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil. Multiple studies have been conducted that ruled that Black Seed Oil had a better result clearing eczema than traditional medications. Parents in Egypt will send you directly to pharmacy to get some Black Seed Oil, if you or your child has mosquito bites or any skin issues. So, after all, Pharaohs were not far off when they used Black Seed Oil for all skin ailments and ingested it for an array of internal health issues.  

  • Bosquera Fortifying Hair Elixir

    Product: Highly prized Vitamin E rich Bataua Oil (also known as Ungurahui) from the Amazon plus Palo Santo for an exotic blend of 2 of Peru's most luxurious products. A simple formula with exceptional results. Profile: Bosquera Fortifying Hair Elixir is for beautiful, strong and lustrous hair. Apply to dry or damp hair and leave-in or rinse out after 15 minutes. Aroma: Palo Santo Sourcing: Our Bataua Oil is fair trade and cold-pressed wild Ungurahui fruits, collected by indigenous Awajún community partners of Candela Peru. Our Palo Santo is the world's most sustainable and highest quality, from Essential Oils Peru. The name "Bosquera" refers to women who make a living from the forest and is inspired by the many women in our value chains. Supports Amazon Reforestation and Communities: Beyond the inherent protection and income our value chains provide the forest and Manga Manga partner community in the Dry North Coast of Peru, we also transfer $1 from every Arbor Mundi product sold to our non-profit Association Bosqueros Peru in the Amazon to fund reforestation and capacity building in non-timber forest products.  

  • Bright Skies Face Soap

    Formulated with Moringaia's signature Moringa Seed Oil and Cacao Butter, this sustainable face bar soap will leave your skin feeling refreshingly clean without feeling dry. Pairs perfectly with Moringaia's Clear Skies Face Serum. Benefits:Moringa Seed Oil - deeply moisturizing packed with Vitamin E and Omega 9Coconut Oil - moisturizing Cacao Butter - nourishes and softensBee-Friendly Beeswax - creates a protective layer on the skin Bergamot Essential Oil - purifiesCedar Wood Essential Oil - soothingTea Tree Essential Oil - clarifyingPine Essential Oil - uplifting  

  • Cacao Bliss Lip Balm

    Refreshing peppermint and the sweet aroma of Dominican cacao come together in this nutrient-rich balm to moisturize & soften lips. Moringaia's signature Moringa Seed Oil deeply nourishes while beeswax acts as a protective layer and cacao butter hydrates to relieve chapped lips.  Benefits:Moringa Seed Oil - deeply moisturizing packed with Vitamin E and Omega 9Bee-friendly Beeswax - creates a protective layer on the skin Cacao Butter - nourishes & softensCacao Absolute Extract - antioxidantPeppermint Essential Oil - cooling & purifying Loved by:Those who love a minty cool sensation with a touch of cacao aroma.  

  • Calm Facial Bar

    This luxury bar soap purifies, tones, and firms your skin with high-quality ingredients that aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. How It Works - Natural and vegan ingredients like avocado butter, pure sea clay, and silky essential oils help stimulate cell growth, with ginger grass, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, and chamomile. Olive leaf and nettle work along with detoxifiers charcoal and turmeric to make this the perfect facial bar soap for moisturizing sensitive skin.  

  • Calming Lavender Bath Bomb

    Enjoy the spa-like experience of a lavender bath. The soothing relaxing scent will wash away stress while the natural ingredients will soothe muscle ache and moisturize skin. This bath bomb is made with 100% natural, skin-friendly ingredients and topped with lavender flower buds. This bath bomb has been handcrafted by Bangladeshi artisans that have escaped human trafficking and are now guaranteed fair, living wages and a safe work environment. Each purchase helps fund a school in Bangladesh.