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Our Verification Process

At Beautyologie, we proudly offer fair trade, ethically sourced, and sustainable brands, meaning they are good for people and the planet. It’s one thing for a brand to say they are “ethical” and “sustainable.” But we personally verify each brand to guarantee that they meet the standards they say they do.

Fair trade brands care about humanity and ensure workers’ rights are not compromised for profit. For a brand to be fair trade, it must pay its production workers and suppliers fair wages, provide safe working conditions and never employ slave or child labor.

Sustainable brands care about their carbon footprint, and never prioritize profit over their environmental impact. For a brand to be sustainable, it must employ practices that result in a minimal environmental footprint both in terms of carbon emissions and waste. 

So, what is our process for verifying that a brand is fair trade and sustainable?

1. We carefully read the brand’s website, including their mission statement, history, and about us pages. We look for third-party certifications, like Fair Trade Certified and B-Corp Certification  It’s not hard to spot a fair trade or sustainable brand, they are proud of their mission and make it very clear on their websites.

2. By using third-party verification tools like the Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep, we can see a brand’s overall score in regard to its environmental impact and one’s health.

3. We partner with, and greatly value ethical and sustainable bloggers. We view their content about the brands and products, including founders’ and worker interviews and a look into production methods from start to finish.

4. Lastly, we reach out to the brands directly. Having a personal relationship with every brand on our site, and knowing and being a part of their story makes it so rewarding to have them on


Look for these ethical icons when shopping the brands we partner with.

 Organic Beauty Products and Cosmetics Vegan Beauty Products and Cosmetics Gluten Free Beauty Products and Cosmetics Soy Free Beauty Products and Cosmetics Supporting Farmers Beauty Products and Cosmetics Fair Trade Beauty Products and Cosmetics Made with Love Supporting Woman Owned Beauty Products and Cosmetics



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