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6 Eco-Friendly Brands Making the World a Better Place

Sustainability is quickly becoming a priority by companies all over the world. The campaign to keep our Earth a habitable planet has been a strong one, but to win the battle, it’s one that must be folded into our every day actions. Climate change isn’t something that can be altered on an individual level. However, one individual can affect dozens of others, and so on.

To enact big change, a great way to do so is by supporting brands that put sustainability first. Supporting eco-friendly brands tells other companies “yes, you will have my business if you pursue a green initiative.” Today, we’ll be looking at six of the best brands you can support to celebrate Earth Day.


Blueland Essentials Kit
For sustainability,
Blueland has been one of the foremost companies in the cleaning industry to push the subject. A lot of cleaning products, unfortunately, rely on the constant production of disposable containers. Blueland seeks to fix that issue by pushing for reusable bottles and dissolvable “cleaning tablets” to minimize waste.

The Clean Essentials Kit gives customers four “Forever Bottles” that they can then use around the house for the foreseeable future. Now, all you have to do is order new tablets and add water to your cleaning bottle kit. Keeping your house as good-looking as yourself doesn’t have to be so harsh on the environment.


Vegan soaps are a surprisingly rare thing as far as sustainable skincare products go. However, Humankind has been doing its part to minimize waste with a surprising innovation. Most shampoo brands come in a bottle that you definitely won’t be reused for anything.

Humankind circumvents that waste issue by ditching the container altogether. Instead, their shampoo comes in the form of bars, much like regular soap. Honestly, it’s a bit surprising that it took this long for someone to create shampoo bars en masse with proper marketing.


Period-proof underwear is also another underrepresented market. Tampons and pads are inherently disposable, which means women have to throw away more things every month. Saalt has provided women with a brand of period underwear that keeps them clean for “that time of the month” without the need for disposable tampons.

Truthfully, it will take some getting used to, but Saalt has gone out of its way to put the customer’s comfort first. The material they use is of the highest quality and is sustainable to boot. Cleaning is also as easy as running it through cold water and soap, the same as any other laundry. As far as period-proof underwear goes, Saalt is one of the leaders in the market.

Native Shoes

Native shoes make a playground floor
Most footwear is manufactured from dangerous artificial substances that can't be recycled. Every year, millions upon millions of footwear become another addition to the ever-growing landfills.
Native Shoes are going green in a really big way. The shoes all use vegan substances to lighten their carbon footprint in the world. 

They additionally lessen waste with the aid of amassing vintage pairs of Native Shoes to provide them with new existence as playground floors and insulation. The Plant Shoe, a 100% biodegradable shoe manufactured from all herbal substances, is even compostable after use. When it comes to sustainability, Native Shoes are certainly a choice of kicks.


Blendily uses natural skincare ingredients that are handmade for women, by women. They are based in Portland and are manned by an expert group of educated aestheticians. 

All of their products use locally grown herbs and flowers. The products they offer are incredibly varied, from facial washes to glow-up serum. Blendily proves that it’s not just the big corporations that can offer a wide range of products. Blendily works hard to do the same, only in a much more sustainable way.


Pact clothing pink dress
is a brand that has two things at the forefront of its mission: being sustainable and being soft as heck. Pact makes clothes from organic cotton that are aimed to make their customers feel as light as air. Their non-GMO cotton is fantastic not just for the customers, but also for the farmers.

Pact’s entire supply chain uses carbon offset shipping and packages its items in 100% biodegradable packaging. With these practices, patrons of Pact can sleep easily knowing their clothes had a near-zero impact on the environment. After all, being stylish doesn’t mean sacrificing your eco-friendly wants.

These are among the best brands to support, but they are far from the only ones out there. They simply provide a good overview of what you should expect from other sustainable brands that you want to support.  It’s easy to feel lost on what other things to do to keep yourself stylish while staying sustainable. Our site offers a lot more content that can help you on your journey, and you can start it right here!

Written by Katherine Pierce

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