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Has the Fountain of Youth Recently Been Discovered in the Cloud Forest of Peru?

Amazon Silk Super Sacha Inchi Nut oil, secret to Anti Aging
Just when you think there is nothing left to discover in this vast planet of ours, the unthinkable happens. High up in the Cloud Forest of Peru, the Plukenetia Huayllabambana nut was recently discovered, holding the
 richest source of Omega 3 on earth. If you've heard of Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia Volubilis), the ancient seed of the Amazon Rainforest renowned for its health and wellness benefits, think of THIS version as Super Sacha Inchi.

Super Sacha Inchi's Reveal

The story of its discovery follows Nancy Trujillo, a Peruvian lawyer, who went on a quest for the fountain of youth in the "World's Biggest Pharmacy." She tapped Dr. David Hepburn, a Canadian physican known for his bioprospecting work in the Amazon and the two headed deep into the Peruvian jungle to the small remote village of Nueva Esperanza, the only place on earth where this nut grows.

Amazon Silk Super Sacha Inchi Nut oil, secret to Anti Aging

After traveling by air, bus, truck, and horse, they were immediately amazed by  the villagers who routinely ate this nut and rubbed on its oil. Their skin and hair were far from what would be expected in the harsh Amazonian sun and climate. Their faces were soft and smooth when there should’ve been wrinkles. Their long, gorgeous hair was lustrous when it should’ve been frazzled. 

Amazon Silk Was Born

Today, their brand Amazon Silk is uniquely situated as the only facial serum in the world that contains this pure natural oil. Combining this specific Omega 3 with a 4% cross polymer hyaluronic acid, 3% niacinamide, skin peptides, 5% Vitamin C, vitamin complexes and other high end clean and green ingredients,
INCANTA is a powerful all-in-one serum that is beautifully absorbs into the skin and is immediately effective. 

Amazon Silk Super Sacha Inchi Nut oil, secret to Anti Aging

What Is So Special About Omega 3s Anyway?

Omega 3s enhance cell wall integrity, increasing skin barrier function which keeps moisture in and pollutants out. This powerful moisturizing and humectant effect attenuates dry skin and itchiness. Amazon Silk's innovative scientific formulation further combines well known moisturizers and humectants such as the cross polymer sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide with Omega 3, that, given the depth and length of time that the moisturizing effect lasts, creates one of the more powerful humectants.

But the benefits of Omega 3s stretch far beyond their powerful moisturizing effect. They reduce hyperpigmentation leaving skin lighter and brighter. They are anti-inflammaging, meaning that they reduce the damage caused by sun and aging.
Amazon Silk Super Sacha Inchi Nut oil, secret to Anti Aging

The other ingredients combined in this all-in-one serum protect the face from free radicals as it repairs skin damage. It stimulates collagen production which helps to reduce fine lines and some wrinkles. It also increases skin tonicity which reduces lax skin pore, as it tightens. Light, quickly absorbed with no residue leaving the skin looking and feeling youthful, gleaming, soft and fresh. 

The Sustainable and Fair Trade Practices That Go Into Sourcing Super Sacha Inchi

Amazon Silk follows the practices of Fair Trade when sustainably sourcing this special ingredient from the the Amazon cloud forest. They believe in an ethical desire to serve the people of the Amazon cloud forest, the Amazon itself and their customers, and provide full transparency of every step of their process.

As a result, each time you purchase an Amazon Silk product, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest. For those who care about the preservation of the flora and fauna of the “lungs of the world," this is an opportunity to actively do something positive to combat the willful destruction of the Amazon.

Amazon Silk Super Sacha Inchi Nut oil, secret to Anti Aging

Amazon Silk fair trade skincare truly uses the beauty industry as a vehicle for social change putting passion, purity, plants and people over profits.

The World is Taking Notice

This innovative serum was featured as a finalist at the Incosmetics Global Paris Green awards. It was also recently selected as a finalist for the Pure Beauty Global awards. Whether or not Amazon Silk wins, it has already been quite a journey from a humble Peruvian cloud forest pueblo to being considered as the best new facial serum in the world!

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