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Cacao (Theobroma Cacao)

Cacao  (Theobroma cacao) benefits and uses in skincare and hair care

Beyond the gastronomic industry, Cacao has great skin and hair benefits and is widely used in skincare. This is because it has restorative and calming properties, making your skin radiant and soft. It contains antioxidants which fade spots and boost collagen levels. Cacao also contains omega-6 fatty  acids, making your complexion feel plump and hydrated.

It is used in products such as:

Cacao Powder Benefits for Skin and Hair

Theobroma  cacao, the cacao or cocoa tree, is a small evergreen tree in the family Malvaceae, originating from the tropical regions of Mesoamerica.

Where  does Cacao come from?

The  use of Cacao in skincare dates back to the Maya and Aztecs civilizations. In the dry and arid climate of Mesoamerica, these populations relied on Cacao’s moisturizing and emollient properties for protection from a harsh climate. Centuries later, using cocoa in your skincare regimen can still offer great, moisturizing and sun protective qualities.

Cacao uses on Skin, Hair and Immune System

When  used for gastronomic purposes, cacao is greatly beneficial to the immune system. It is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc, which all play a crucial role in bone health, immune protection and different metabolic processes. Cacao  also presents various beneficial properties for when it is applied externally for skin and hair.

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      Skin Benefits of Cacao

      1. Anti-Ageing.

        Agent:  Flavonoids

        Cacao  is rich in flavonoids, which greatly contribute to antioxidant properties. Free radicals are what cause aging and wrinkles, and flavonoids help fight these and preserve a young skin. This is why introducing cocoa-based products to your skincare routine would  greatly increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
      2. Scar  Reduction.

        Agent:  Flavonoids

         are also great agents against scarring, spotting and stretch marks. Cacao is anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and skin irritation. It is great to minimize pregnancy stretch marks, as well as for reducing aging spots, acne and eczema.

      3. Elasticity. Agent: Proteins

        The proteins present in Cacao provide the essential amino acids necessary for various bodily functions, including the maintenance and repair of tissues. This helps the skin become stronger, firmer and elastic by boosting collagen levels.

        Cacao Skincare

      4. Moisture

        Agents:  healthy fats

         acid and omega-6 fatty acids make Cacao famous for its rich emollient properties. They help with preventing moisture loss, therefore hydrating and moisturizing the skin and lips and making them soft and supple.

      5. Sunburn Relief

        Agents:  healthy fats
        Cocoa soothes and relieves sunburned skin. Its moisturizing properties hydrate the skin, providing a cooling and pleasurable effect on damaged skin.

      6. UV  Protection

        Agent: Flavonoids
        UV  rays can cause DNA damage and contribute to premature aging and skin cancer. The flavonoids in cacao neutralize free radicals caused by UV exposure, reducing their harmful effects on the skin.

      Hair Benefits of Cocoa

      Cocoa  butter and cocoa powder are commonly used in hair care products. These are the benefits of using cocoa for hair:

      1. Conditioning  and reducing frizz.

        Cocoa promotes overall hair health as it intensely moisturizes dry and damaged hair. By deeply hydrating the shaft, Cocoa also helps to greatly reduce frizz to your lengths. Do you want softer, smoother and more conditioned hair? Say goodbye to time-consuming attempts at managing dry hair, because Cocoa will solve that for you.

      2. Adds  shine to hair

        As your hair loses unnecessary frizz, it will also become much more shiny. Cocoa butter can add a natural shine to the hair thanks to its highly moisturizing properties, making it look healthier and more lustrous.

      3. Prevents hair breakage

        The moisturizing properties of cocoa butter help prevent hair breakage and split ends by strengthening the hair shaft, lending a fuller, healthier look to your hair.
      4. Promote Hair Growth.

        Cocoa's antioxidant properties, combined with its hydrating power, contribute greatly to a healthy scalp environment, supporting extensive hair growth for a more voluminous look.

      Include  Cocoa products in your daily routine and you will notice a change in skin plumpness and hydration and in the lucidity and volume of your hair!

      Cacao anti aging benefits for skin

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