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5 Clean Beauty Brands to Have on Your Radar

The term “clean beauty” is tricky. How it’s defined differs from person to person and brand to brand. Ultimately, it refers to products free of toxins and ingredients harmful to the environment. 

Beautyologie’s definition of clean beauty is as follows: beauty and cosmetic products that are created without the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals and other unnatural ingredients that can cause harm to your body.

Now that you have a sense of what we stand for, keep scrolling for five clean beauty brands to have on your radar!

  1. Shea Yeleen

When it comes to the purest soaps and creams on the market, Shea Yeleen is where it’s at. The brand features rich formulas and fresh scents like lavender and lemon. It also states on its packaging loud and clear what it stands for as a brand: ethical, nourishing, sustainable. The products deliver the best of the shea seed's moisturizing and soothing properties through thoughtful small-batch methods. 

Shea Yeleen Clean Beauty
  1. True Moringa

True Moringa knocks packaging and production out of the park. The gold and black color pairing is sleek as it gets, while the head-to-toe self-care makes the brand useful for everyone. With vibrant lip shades and innovative cleansers and oils, this rural Ghana-based brand delivers proprietary formulas developed at MIT. 

True Moringa Clean Beauty
  1. 700 Rivers

When it comes to clean beauty brands, 700 Rivers is an aromatherapy-lover’s calling. The brand focuses on basic products with sentimental and soothing scents. Handcrafted by Bangladeshi artisans who have escaped human trafficking, these powerful aromas are infused into soaps and bath bombs, in scents ranging from lavender and rose, to vanilla chai and cucumber mint.

700 Rivers Clean Beauty
  1. Moon Beings

Moon Beings prides itself on realistic expectations for skincare. The face oil and serum brand lives by the mantra, “on a mission for healthy skin, not perfect skin.” The name Moon Beings originates from the idea that every single person lives under the same moon.

Moon Beings Serum Clean Beauty
  1. Some Moroccan 

With a mission to create the world’s purest skincare and haircare oils, this clean beauty brand utilizes Moroccan plants to develop potent formulas. As part of a partnership with the Morocco Foundation, 5% of every Some Moroccan purchase goes towards helping Moroccan Children. Additionally, an artisan in Morocco crafts each of the tassels on the Premium Argan Oil bottles by hand.

Some Moroccan Clean Beauty


Written by Dahvi Shira

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