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Summer Essentials for Your Beauty Routine

Summer Beauty Essentials

The summer is becoming more and more unforgiving as the years go by. According to a recent study on how climate change is fueling significant changes in the pattern and duration of Earth's seasons, scientists say summers could last half the year by the end of this century. Can you imagine!?

As the temperatures continue to soar and the elements bombard our bodies, it's essential to protect yourself from the effects of photoaging caused by damaging ultraviolet rays.

For a quick checklist on what to keep in your beauty arsenal, check out the must-haves below.


Wearing sunscreen is essential for EVERYONE, not only in the summer but all year long. Applying a layer or two of SPF is a must before stepping out. Make it a habit of using it throughout the day as long as you have the sun anywhere around you.

Don't forget about your lips, nose, and ears. The skin on these areas is thinner than the other parts of our body, and can easily absorb UV rays. 

When choosing a sunscreen, opt for non-toxic and mineral-based sunscreen like Tierra & Lava Turmeric & Vanilla Sunscreen. You also want a product that blends easily into your skin so you don't have that white ghostly cast to your skin. 

Tierra & Lave Mineral Sunscreen

After-Sun Products

After a long day in the sun, it feels good and it's important to ease your skin into recovery. A moisturizer that’s cooling and soothing should be applied to the sun-touched areas. You want products formulated with aloe, calendula and soothing oils like marula that can help heal your skin and cool you off.

There are unique after-sun products that can be useful in treating mild burns.  like Candela Aguaje Oil. Also known as Buriti Oil, it is the world's richest natural source of beta-carotene (Vitamin A / Retinol), exceeding carrot seed oil. Buriti oil rebuilds and hydrates skin cells and protects natural collagen and elastin while restoring moisture to sun-damaged skin. It has a rich amber color that can be used as a natural bronzer and studies have shown its effectiveness as a natural sunblock. which also soothes and cools the skin, rebuilding skin cells while hydrating it. 

Candela Buriti Oil

Body Creams and Body Butters

It wouldn’t be summer without adding some body butter and body creams to your summer skincare routine. The hot weather can dry out and cause skin to flake, crack and peel. That’s why you must ensure that you moisturize several times a day. 

Natural shea butter is a wonderful addition in your skincare routine. Apply it to your arms, hands, legs and feet. Shea contains vitamin A, E, and F, which boosts growth in healthy skin cells. Additionally, the fatty acids and triglycerides condition and nourish the skin, leaving you soft and buttery-looking. It helps improve the appearance of aging, dry skin, stretch marks, scars, and dark spots. It moisturizes as well as heals, eliminating dryness and flaking. It improves your complexion, making you look more vibrant and glowing. 

Shea Yeleen Shea Butter Body Creams and Body Balms are a favorite!

Shea Yeleen Shea Butter Cream

Facial Toners and Face Masks

Your face can get dull and dry during this time of the year. Moisturizing may not be enough if you don’t use a toner beforehand. A gentle, alcohol-free formula like Henua Beautifying Toner makes a great go-to. It restores balance to skin and minimizes pores. It also removes residues left from makeup and unclogs your pores.  

A deep cleansing mask can also help remove impurities. It can effectively reduce signs of irritation and redness. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid harsh ingredients. A current Beautyologie fave is Silktage Soursop C Glow Polish. This potent formula features vitamin C and ascorbic acid to soothe hyperpigmentation. Additionally, hibiscus, nopal cactus, and guava help your skin retain moisture, which is essential for a glowing complexion

Silktage Soursop Face mask

Use facial toners that help cool off your skin. Here’s a pro tip: you can keep some natural facial toners in the fridge to get an extra chill effect. This should help keep your skin temperature a few degrees lower, making you feel fresh throughout the day.

Lip Balms and Hydrating Lipsticks

Your lips can be one of the driest parts of your whole body, especially during this hot summer. With the scorching heat, the last thing you want is dry, chapped, or flaky lips. 

Keep a lip balm in your bag, especially when you go out. It’s a good idea to spread some before you use lipstick. We wouldn’t want your lip color to be uneven and patchy. 

Moringaia Glassy Waves Lip Balm is formulated with nutrient-packed natural ingredients to nourish & protect. Moringa Seed oil deeply moisturizes while beeswax provides a protective layer with a hint of sweetness, and cacao butter softens skin.

Moringaia Glassy Waves Lip Balm

You can also opt to tint your pout. There are tinted balms that offer a hint of subtle color and shine. There are also ones that give a natural-looking sheer finish. High-end lipsticks come in a variety of shades and colors. Their formulas usually contain moisturizers, humectants, and vitamins.

Written by Katherine Pierce

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