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Moringa Oil Clear Skies Face Serum 35ml

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A daily face serum packed with nutrient-dense plant oils to rejuvenate and purify. Moringa ia's signature Moringa Seed Oil, packed with antioxidants, deeply moisturizes to make skin look plump and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while woodsy essential oils reduce the look of redness from irritation.

Moringa Seed Oil - deeply moisturizing packed with Vitamin E and Omega 9
Palo Santo Essential Oil - purifying
Tea Tree Essential Oil - clarifying
Frankincense Essential Oil -rejuvenates 
Pine Essential Oil -soothing
Bergamot Essential Oil - antioxidant

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Moringa Seed Oil, Essential Oils: Palo Santo, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Pine & Bergamot.


Warm a few oil drops between your palms then press onto your face, neck and chest. Apply alone or combined with moisturizer twice daily. For external use only. Do not ingest.

In 2012 founder and agroforester Ben-Yam visited the most drought-stricken part of the island of the Dominican Republic. Even in this arduous environment, the Miraculous Moringa tree grew strong. Known locally as El Árbol De La Libertad (Tree of Liberty), the Moringa tree provides shade, attracts pollinators, and holds the earth to avoid mudslides, while the leaves and seeds are packed with rich nutrients. It became clear to Ben-Yam that for the benefit of both people and the planet, more Moringa trees needed to be planted, and he set out to make a product that would create a demand for Moringa in rural communities.The more Moringa trees are picked, the more flowers they produce. The more they produce, the more people will want to plant it, and the more Moringai gives back to the farmers and earth who grow it.Moringaia's core mission is to end deforestation by helping plant more trees and regenerate the soil we live on. Making nourishing and truly natural skincare is the means that allows them to fulfill this vision. Moringaia is a family owned company.
Moringa Oil Clear Skies Face Serum 35ml

Moringa Oil Clear Skies Face Serum 35ml

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