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Looking for gifts that gives back?

You’re in the right place. We curate beauty products that make an impact on the world and the people who inhabit it. While we love the way beauty products make us look on the outside, we love – even more – how certain beauty brands and their products make a positive impact on the people and places they come from.

Fair trade, ethically sourced, sustainable, and of course, clean, beauty products that are sourced from around the world by farmers and producers who make a fair living sourcing the ingredients.

From fair trade coconut oil-infused skincare that helps to support Filipino communities to stay out of poverty and human trafficking to upcycled sari hair accessories made by female Indian artisans, all our beauty gifts are specially curated to make you feel good about giving a gift that your recipient will love and find special meaning in.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."  -Mahatma Gandhi

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    Lip Balmie Duo Set
    Regular price$26.00
    • NUDE PLUM + ROSÉ - Warm rosy nudes for everyday-rouge
    • CINNAMON + CHAMPAGNE - Copper spice with a touch of gold
    • STRAWBERRY + CHERRY - For a very berry earthy vibe
    Lip Balmie Trio Set
    Regular price$38.00
    • GOLDEN HOUR: Chestnut Peach Strawberry - Strawberry sunsets and a golden chestnut glow
    • OUT OF OFFICE: Frosting, Raspberry, Watermelon - Electric berry meets watermelon pop
    • COTTON CANDY SKIES: Champagne, Sorbet, Rosé- Soft, rosy nudes to lighten the mood
    • OF THE EARTH: Caramel, Nude Plum, Cherry - Desert spice and warm, earthy blush tones
    • MALIBU MAGIC: Champagne, Peach, Clementine - Salty hair and the perfect coral-sun-kissed glow
    Madame Gabriela Beauty
    The Jet Set
    Regular price$102.00
      Madame Gabriela Beauty
      The Latin Kiss
      Regular price$60.00

        Beauty Gifts that Give

        1. Gifts sets from Yara Shea Beauty help educate girls in Nigeria to learn about period health and personal hygiene. Moreover, the sales from these shea butter body creams and body washes go to the nonprofit Hopes and Dreams Initiative. This brand is committed to building a world where every woman, adolescent girl, and child, as well as entire female communities in Nigeria are empowered to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

            2. Tierra & Lava gift sets are handmade and ethically sourced from the botanical gardens and mountains of Antigua in Guatemala. Their ingredients, like cacao, copal, turmeric, and vanilla, are ethically sourced and uphold the survival of traditional Mayan cultural practices.

                3. Marula oil from South Africa helps hydrate, smooth, and firm the skin.

                4. Moringaia is a mission-driven skincare brand based in the Dominican Republic that focuses on the myriad benefits offered by the Moringa Tree. When planted on the island, these drought tolerant trees help with the deforestation of the island. They provide fairly compensated work for the island’s community which drives commerce and a thriving economy. Moringa oil, which is extracted from the leaves and seeds of Moringa trees is full of nutrients and vitamins that help strengthen hair and restore, dry, damaged strands. Moringa oil also is excellent for combatting skin damage and it also provides deep, nutritive hydration. Moringaia beauty gift sets include moringa oil-infused soap, lip balm, hair, and skin oils. Purchasing a gift from Moringaia is a win-win!

                5. 700 Rivers is a soap brand made by women in Bangladesh who have escaped human trafficking. But these products are so much more than just soap. 700 Rivers provides natural products that help us be kind to one another, kind to the planet, and kind to ourselves. By creating high-quality, eco-friendly products, 700 Rivers ensure women across the globe are paid living wages, have a safe working environment, and are treated with dignity and respect.

                6. These handcrafted soaps by Bangladeshi artisans have escaped human trafficking now have steady employed. By using a 700 Rivers soap bar, you can get a fresh start to your day while helping these women lead a dignified life.  Bangladesh  has more than 700 rivers and waterways providing life-giving water and fertile soil to its people. In keeping with their name, 700 Rivers seeks to enrich the lives of its workers and also sustain the environment. Purchasing soap directly contributes to new soap orders and means more work for the women.

                We appreciate you helping empower women around the world with a fresh start in life.

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